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  • The survival of the fittest is a wonderful scheme of the preservation of the best.
  • It was only a battle of the survival of the fittest to pursue so terrible a life.
  • The survival of the fittest applies to songs as well as to other things in life.
  • In a society of hypocrites, would the fittest for survival be the most skilful deceiver?
  • Out of it comes the "survival of the fittest," and the fittest is the new farmer.
  • The fittest place for a bird like me Is the topmost bough of yon tall pine-tree.
  • The fittest place for a bird like me Is the topmost bough of yon tall pine-tree.
  • Therefore, I came to England and looked round to see what task was fittest for my hand.
  • The processes of primitive warfare may have led to the survival of the fittest or the selection of the best.
  • The principle of the survival of the fittest had resulted in the selection of the best men from all the previous expeditions.
  • In each case the fittest will survive, and a race will be eventually produced adapted to the conditions in which it lives.
  • Brunnig's children would form the fittest groupe of weeping orphans around such a monument.
  • Undoubtedly nature points to the period between the twentieth and twenty-fifth year as the fittest one for marriage in the woman.
  • The people are as dirty as the houses, but they are fine in physique and face, as if only the fittest survive.
  • It is not unrecognized that the school has many notable failures to indicate how even the fittest sometimes do not survive the school routine.
  • The fittest temperature for drinks, if taken when the food is in the digesting process, is blood heat.
  • Coming fresh from the desert, where only the fittest survived, their numbers rapidly increased in this quieter and more favorable environment.
  • Here was a revenge, the fittest of revenges, ready to her hand, if she could bring herself to take it.
  • With nations as with individuals, the struggle for life is perpetual, and the law of the survival of the fittest applies equally to both.
  • Those equine propagandists of the law of the survival of the fittest kicked that poor, peaceful old hippo into a condition of coma.
  • We translate the entire scene; though not by any means the best, it is among the fittest for extraction of any in the piece.
  • The music was excellent, especially the violins, which were many, and rare musicians and fittest for that purpose.
  • This may be the fittest opportunity distinctly and definitely to settle the question, which has recently arisen, in reference to these resolutions.
  • Arnot is the fittest man living to expound the Parables, for he is himself a great master of metaphorical teaching.
  • Only the fittest horses were taken out, and the Boers were ridden down or driven onto lines of block-houses.
  • And so it was left in charge to us, the survivors, to do for it what we judged fittest, if indeed doing nothing did not seem the fittest to us.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fittest | Fittest Sentence

  • Only the fittest survived.
  • Survival of the fittest is now the watchword.
  • The fittest would survive.
  • It seemed fittest that he should deal with the matter.
  • The sweetest numbers and the fittest words.
  • But depend upon it, the fittest will survive.
  • Ay, she's the fittest Wife for you, she'll fit your Humour.
  • Nature recognized only the survival of the fittest of any species.
  • Labyrinth" certainly is the fittest word to call it.
  • Those matters are fittest for history which exhibit a process of growth.
  • The fittest name for a familiar she could possibly have chosen.
  • But with him, it is the fittest position for meditation and contemplation.
  • Who on efficient work is bent, Must choose the fittest instrument.
  • Of all known Englishmen he was the fittest to be King of England.

Definition of Fittest

superlative form of fit: most fit | (archaic) second-person singular simple present form of fit
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