Five Feet In A Sentence

How To Use Five Feet In A Sentence?

  • Shrubby; two to five feet high.
  • They wore five-feet-long snow-shoes.
  • His height was five feet, nine inches.
  • Ken wanted seventy-five feet, but he could not have it.
  • It was five feet long, green and scaly.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Five Feet | Five Feet Sentence

  • It was five feet and no more.
  • Five feet ahead of me?
  • He was himself five feet eleven.
  • He is five feet or more in length.
  • He was about five feet long.
  • About five feet tall.
  • It is about twenty five feet square.
  • The oak was five feet diameter.
  • Inside it is a plain five feet below the top.
  • It was about twenty-five feet across.
  • This section is only about five feet long.
  • Here it is, about five feet down.
  • This road was only twenty-five feet wide.
  • Dig five feet due south from hole.
  • Five feet of uneven and slimy sidewalk separated them.
  • Tama is about five feet ten inches in height.
  • There was five feet of water between the two boats.
  • Many of them stand five feet and eleven inches.
  • But it was no longer five feet long and bovine.
  • Shrubs four to twenty-five feet high.
  • These trails were originally five feet wide.
  • I suppose it is four or five feet deep.
  • It was five feet thick at the base and solid.
  • Trees in orchards should be twenty-five feet apart.
  • Five inches in five feet is a considerable variation.
  • The ladders are about five feet wide and twenty long.
  • The smaller stakes are five feet apart at the centre.
  • He must have been fully twenty-five feet long.
  • Throw a life-line twenty-five feet for accuracy.
  • The murderer is five feet ten inches in height.
  • He submitted plans for boats drawing five feet.
  • They were each about twenty feet long and five feet wide.
  • Shrubby; three to five feet high.
  • But even there the cave was twenty-five feet high.
  • It was within an inch or two of five feet high.
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