Five Weeks In A Sentence

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  • Another five weeks passed.
  • Thus passed five weeks.
  • We parted five weeks ago!
  • The other parts will be meat for about four or five weeks.
  • Nearly five weeks have passed without a word.
  • And yet five weeks later he was killed on his return!
  • It is now five weeks since we have daily met for prayer.
  • After five weeks, it was forced to surrender.
  • I been to six in five weeks, not counting this one.
  • Wretched Bruhl followed him in four or five weeks.
  • It was five weeks since his return from Borga.
  • In five weeks, if all goes well, you may expect an answer.
  • It's only holiday work, but it'll last five weeks.
  • Within five weeks clouds began to gather in the East.
  • W. left Berlin on the 17th, having been five weeks away.
  • For five weeks Mrs. Baldwin remained obdurate.
  • Yet never once during those first five weeks did he mention my journal.
  • She had some five weeks to wait before she could fairly begin work.
  • If uncomplicated the disease runs its course in from two to five weeks.
  • Only five weeks of active service," he growled.
  • For more than five weeks the Crusaders carried on the siege.
  • Yet all could have occurred within five weeks, allowing for brief intervals.
  • My recovery was rapid, and in five weeks I was a different woman.
  • It took five weeks of steady work, with two men, to clear out the second level.
  • For five weeks Romeo Augustus nursed and fed and tended that pig.
  • This statement was made five weeks after date to Mr. Podmore.
  • The mail from Bristol to London was robbed every week for five weeks.
  • The last illness of Mr. Hill was of about five weeks duration.
  • Here for about five weeks sat Henri, nothing on hand but to eat the Country.

How To Use Five Weeks In A Sentence?

  • The incidents of the five weeks which elapsed after the siege began were not important.
  • I spent five weeks in constant and free intercourse with all classes of the inhabitants.
  • For four or five weeks he had scarcely known from minute to minute where he stood.
  • We had been five weeks at the farm when one day we got very jolly news from mums.
  • The whole process to become an adult may take a period of five weeks to two months.
  • Five weeks ago she went away, announcing her intention of resuming her former life.
  • But didn't yo' tell me no farther back than this day five weeks that the law was clear?
  • Five weeks after the inauguration Lee surrendered, and the war was virtually at an end.
  • It is three months since he went away, and five weeks since I had any news of him.
  • It was very nearly five weeks before Henry returned from his expedition to Montreal.
  • We were five weeks on the sea, and yet the passage did not seem long, for Devenant was so kind.
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