Five Years In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Five Years | Five Years Sentence

  • He has been there for five years now.
  • Five years is accepted?
  • Twenty-five years before it was not so.
  • Five years my guest was he.
  • Five years had elapsed.
  • That had been five years ago.
  • It was five years now and he had not seen her.
  • We have been married for five years.
  • This was only five years after it was built.
  • Since five years he had not confessed.
  • He had been in captivity for about five years.
  • Twenty-five years experience.
  • Others break down after five years.
  • Edgar had enlisted for five years.
  • Erebus at the age of five years.
  • She stood me for five years.
  • Five years ago he left me.
  • Sembrich for four or five years.
  • But it must be about five years.
  • He had known her for five years.
  • I have taken you for five years.
  • Thirty-five years have now passed.
  • She is five years older.
  • Some had not seen each other for five years.
  • You are now five years old.
  • Patti twenty-five years before.
  • Five years later they were rich.
  • I was then five years old.
  • It happened just five years gone by.
  • Are you more patient than you were five years ago?
  • He was about thirty-five years of age.
  • Land not cultivated for five years and upwards.
  • Five years later he increases the rent.
  • Its construction took five years.
  • But what are five years to a man like yourself?

How To Use Five Years In A Sentence?

  • She was then fifty-five years of age.
  • His original sentence was five years.
  • He was fifty-five years old.
  • In five years there are sixty months.
  • The arrangement will be made for five years.
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