Flabby In A Sentence

Definition of Flabby

Yielding to the touch, and easily moved or shaken; hanging loose by its own weight; lacking firmness; flaccid. | (of wine) Having a slight lack of acidity; having mild sweetness. | (of writing, etc.) overwrought.

How To Use Flabby In A Sentence?

  • And how flat and flabby and yellow and characterless was the hand that held it close!
  • An atrophied muscle or organ becomes soft and flabby from lack of nourishment.
  • They make men limp and flabby when they ought to be strong and vigorous and virile.
  • Did you not hear her say at dinner that she would not be a flabby good girl for anything?
  • Every day the flabby cheeks grew pastier and the pouches under the eyebrows heavier.
  • He looked into the crimson, flabby countenance and wondered if the man was in earnest.
  • He has never quite made up his mind what to be even now; he is nothing but a flabby compromise.
  • He felt as flabby as a doormat and was wet with perspiration, as he finally cleared the yards.
  • His grief wore itself out, and his soft flabby flesh seemed to absorb his tears.
  • When she saw a baby whose flabby cheeks hung down and touched its bib, she was disgusted.
  • Brow and head were round, and of massive weight, but the face was flabby and irresolute.
  • And the lady is flabby and fat, and carries the weight of a good many years on her back.
  • She was still only a hobbledehoy, flabby and loose-jointed, and not quick enough in emergencies.
  • The manager himself was one of those round, flabby men, suggestive of a fat, spineless worm.
  • He was stout and flabby in face, with a smug, self-satisfied air I did not like.
  • But while John was big with the weight of muscle and frame, Lablache was flabby with fat.
  • The old inflamed and flabby look had been hammered out of him in the hard school from which he had just emerged.
  • Not many temptations pierced through her callous, flabby temperament to sting her to defeat or triumph.
  • For a moment his heavy jaw sagged and the flabby flesh gathered in rolls and pressed tightly against his white collar.
  • A girl with weak, flabby muscles cannot have the strength of character that goes with normal physical power.
  • The very soft and flabby shoots are likely to be injured in the operation of grafting, and union does not take place readily.
  • Holystoning the deck or scrubbing it with fresh limes made his back ache and developed the wasted, flabby muscles.
  • The muscles scarcely keep pace with the bones in their growth, and tend to be flabby and to lack usual tonicity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Flabby | Flabby Sentence

  • Get all you can of it into those flabby bellows of yours.
  • I hate a flabby youngster.
  • The flabby lips curled in scorn.
  • His throat bagged with flabby dewlaps.
  • The flabby hand closed almost caressingly around the roll.
  • It's ridiculous how flabby girls are.
  • Kaboff got up slowly and extended a flabby hand to his acquaintance.
  • The conscience of his superior officer was happily of less flabby texture.
  • At a table sat a flabby looking man with a short sandy beard.
  • It seizes its object, but its flabby grasp relaxes and slips off.
  • The prisoner was a hulking, flabby fat man in work coveralls.
  • He opened flabby thin lips to give one sharp note of command.
  • It was impossible to take this flabby creature seriously, even as a criminal.
  • His mouth sagged open and the lolling, flabby tongue drooled thickly.
  • He had a flabby face and long, dark hair, which he publicly combed.
  • Bad soup, soft and flabby fish, meat burnt outside and raw within.
  • Even flabby old Blodgett had noticed, and had advised less work and more play.

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