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  • For a few minutes she lay looking out into the snow flakes of the cherry blooms.
  • He did not know that when he pressed off the tiny flakes he made the teeth of a flint saw.
  • See if you can strike off tiny flakes until the large flake looks like a spearhead.
  • The broad flakes of wood flew from the deepening gashes in the sides of the oak.
  • The bed of the stream was strewn with flakes and roughly formed rejected pieces of stone.
  • A few flakes of snow fell, lingering in the air as feathers from a nest in spring.
  • On over the slushy pavements, under the leaden sky, with a few busy flakes floating about her.
  • He saw flakes of fire on the northern horizon, puffs of smoke and the curving shells.
  • The ground is carpeted with fir-tassel, and strewn with fir-apples and flakes of fallen bark.
  • The trunk is brownish, with loosened flakes of gray, separated by shallow fissures.
  • The great flakes fell slowly and softly, and soon the whole landscape began to grow white.
  • Thwaite bore down viciously on the file and the bright flakes of lead glittered to the floor beside his feet.
  • The flakes of his flesh are joined together; they are firm in themselves; they cannot be moved.
  • When they worked in this way, they had no trouble in striking off flakes for spear points and knives.
  • Meanwhile the prospector toiled through the drought of that summer hoarding the little yellow flakes that he washed from the gravel in the canon.
  • Through dark air small flakes of snow fell sparsely at intervals from a sky from which all light had died out.
  • The black horse was gray with dust and lather when he reined him in, spattering the spume flakes upon me.
  • It had been covered with white plaster once, but flakes of this had fallen away and showed the pinky bricks underneath.
  • The words give him to understand that the flakes are not formed where they first come into his view, but that they descend from a higher region.
  • If the cooling goes on slowly, the carbon partially separates as flakes of graphite which remain scattered through the metal.
  • Already the brimming fireplace leaked forth across the carpet in little gray, gusty flakes of ash and cinder.
  • He looks at the flakes as they fall, catching one after another with his eye, and following it in its meandering descent.
  • If the night has been one of storm, the fast-falling flakes have added to his sense of warmth by covering him completely beneath them.
  • It was snowing hard, and the afternoon grew dark rapidly, and the whirling flakes pursued a blinding career.
  • Its small branches shed their bark like the buttonwood, the flakes curling back and showing the bright green under layer.
  • Why did a juggling wind mingle souls together with souls and flowers amidst a snow-flurry of sparks and many-colored flakes of fire?
  • Then he suddenly collapsed, and fell in a heap upon the floor, scattering flakes of snow from his person in all directions.
  • Outside it had begun to snow, and the flakes drifted past the windows filled with red and white blossoms like a silvery veil of the storm.
  • He played while they hafted long narrow flakes for knives, but when they began to chip spearheads, he came and watched them at their work.
  • She affected gauzy fabrics and fluttering baby ribbons, so that her dress was as the fleecy flakes of snow clinging to a well-preserved ruin.
  • Thick flakes beat on the windows, and icy draughts swept through the car, while the big stove in a boxed-in corner hummed with a drowsy roar.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Flakes | Flakes Sentence

  • Her breath came quick as little flakes of snow.
  • Flint Flakes from Egypt.
  • Sort out the flakes that are good for making into spearheads.
  • There are as many pillows of illusion as flakes in a snow-storm.
  • It helped them to strike off tiny flakes so as not to break the point.
  • The day has been still and very gloomy, with flakes of snow falling at times.
  • It was a cloudy afternoon and often great flakes of snow fell gently, softly.
  • And then, one morning towards mid-day, the white flakes began to fall.
  • They fell through the Heavens, numerous as the flakes of a shower of snow.

Definition of Flakes

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of flake | plural of flake
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