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  • Elaborate and flamboyant window tracery.
  • The flamboyant manner had departed.
  • The flamboyant type may possibly be of Eastern origin.
  • Here Otare described a flamboyant curve in the air with his finger.
  • He was the proudest man in Ireland, with a flamboyant love of display.
  • Evreux is, according to Whewell, "a mixture of Flamboyant and Renaissance.

How To Use Flamboyant In A Sentence?

  • They are less coruscating and flamboyant than what we became accustomed to later on.
  • The central gable and the great west window are almost flamboyant in their decoration.
  • His white beard brushed the oddly checkered jacket, flamboyant with its bizarre colors.
  • It is the rococo school of behaviour, the flamboyant gentleman, the gargoyle life.
  • In places too there are bits of old Gothic detail and one doorway of true Flamboyant work.
  • He had the defect of his courage and his nature, a tendency to do things after a flamboyant fashion.
  • Street hoardings, ash barrels and sandwich men were plastered with flamboyant multi-colored show bills.
  • She had an impatience, amounting to contempt, for those florid flamboyant souls whose outer physical integument so grievously misrepresented them.
  • Here we find a large music hall which before the war was a typical scene of flamboyant Berlin night-life.
  • Nearer and nearer to midnight crept the gilded, flamboyant hour-hand; the gaunter minute-hand was slowly but inexorably overtaking it.
  • All the windows are remarkable for their lovely Flamboyant tracery, that of the rose window being especially fine and delicate.
  • Do little boys wear velvet suits with spotless collar and flamboyant tie but for occasions such as Sunday school?
  • The flamboyant architecture, the great verandas, rich furniture, and richer dresses awed us mightily.
  • As a boy he had been fed upon Scott, and his later reading had not robbed him of his sense of life as a flamboyant spectacle.
  • In England, which by this settlement laid the foundations of her great power, there was a great display of flamboyant oratory.
  • Joan, intercepting one or two of these glances, looked her step-mother over critically, and to her relief found her less flamboyant than usual.
  • The porch which is, if possible, richer than the buttresses of the aisles, belongs to the flamboyant period, and actually dates from the year 1496.
  • As Whewell says, the transepts and part of the choir are most remarkable and most ancient examples of the Flamboyant style.
  • Ruskin writing of it says: "It is the most exquisite piece of pure Flamboyant work existing.
  • In flamboyant buildings we often meet with art which, though certainly over-florid, is brilliant, rich, and full of true feeling for decoration.
  • Hertha smiled a negative to his suggestion, wishing nevertheless that his taste in neckties was a little less flamboyant and that he did not talk so loud.
  • Associated with the various undulation of flamboyant curves below, it is in the real tower hardly observed, while it binds it into one mass in general effect.
  • Where the swell caused by the passage of the ship rose in curling waves, these, as they splashed into mimic breakers, burst into showers of flamboyant light.
  • The Flamboyant may therefore be said to be the by-product of the Hundred Years' War.

Definition of Flamboyant

Showy, bold or audacious in behaviour, appearance, etc. | (architecture) Referring to the final stage of French Gothic architecture from the 14th to the 16th centuries. | The royal poinciana (Delonix regia), a showy tropical tree.
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