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  • Describe a flange and the joint of same.
  • The bushing in the flange often expands.
  • T. Flange Screw, to regulate jaws of flange.
  • S. Flange Rail Screw.
  • Lever Flange, screwed to Flange Rail.
  • The car was undamaged except that the flange of a wheel was split off.
  • Smear an even layer of hot cement over the flange of the jar.
  • The pterygoid lacks a medioventral flange and does not meet the palatine.
  • The stem is made flat on both sides; a flange is made on the outer side.

How To Use Flange In A Sentence?

  • As explained elsewhere, all center-pins turn in the flange and not in the middle part.
  • One flange of the special cast-iron rings was of the standard type, the other was returned 9 in.
  • Smear a thick layer of resin ointment (B.P.) on the flange around the mouth of the jar.
  • The damper is held against the string by the wire spring which is seen running from the damper flange to the top of the damper lever.
  • All these plates, which are slightly notched at their upper part, rest on a small flange at the lower part of the shells.
  • The flange rail in the grand is made also to serve the purpose of regulating rail, as the hammer rail is made to do in the square.
  • The spokes were cast without a rim, and terminated in segment flanges, each spoke having a separate flange disconnected from its neighbors.
  • Some tubular pipes are said to have had a flange around the mouth of the bowl, similar to that on elbow pipes as in Fig.
  • All flange joints are of this nature; some, however, are provided with a means for tightening the center-pin in the middle portion of the joint.
  • The space above this is filled with thin, perforated, circular pieces of lead, supported by the flange B of the pot.
  • It occurred to some one that it would be better to lay down wooden rails, and then to place a rim or flange on the wagon wheels to keep them on the rails.
  • To prevent the small gland being jammed by unequal screwing up, the pressure is applied by a loose flange which is rounded at the part which presses against the gland.
  • The flange extends down at the sides of the wippen and the holes in flange are made large enough to receive bushing cloth in which the center-pin works freely but not loosely.
  • First a washer was placed on the axle, then the wheel was applied, with the larger or flange disk against the face block, after which another washer was slipped on.
  • We had to cut a new flange disk for the broken wheel, and to prevent the flanges from splitting off again we nailed a batten across the inner face of each wheel extending down to the very edge of the flange disk.
  • This joint was ground steam-tight, as were also the joints of the induction-pipe with the bottom of the lower chamber, and the flange of the eduction-pipe with the top of the upper chamber.
  • A narrow flange is turned outward at the upper edge of the cell, and a similar flange is also turned outward at the lower edge of the cylindrical continuation of the walls of the cell upward.

Definition of Flange

(intransitive) To be bent into a flange. | (transitive) To make a flange on; to furnish with a flange. | (transitive, sound engineering) To mix two copies of together, one delayed by a very short, slowly varying time.
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