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  • She was a flattering listener.
  • It was a flattering compliment.
  • What do you gain by flattering them up?
  • Lay not that flattering unction to your soul.
  • You had better think of something more flattering to say.
  • There was a silent minute, highly flattering to Bianchon.
  • For shame, great Rulers, leave your flattering words.
  • This, of course, was not flattering to Miss Blaythwaite!
  • That's not a very flattering picture.
  • Their language is certainly flattering to all ministers in all courts.
  • His view of the matter was not flattering to Captain Cheffington.
  • En quo discordia cives produxit miseros!" was not very flattering to him.
  • Hope told a flattering tale," and send it home to the dear girls.

How To Use Flattering In A Sentence?

  • Thereupon they took seats with flattering promptness in order not to miss a word of the play.
  • It was not a flattering way to be designated, but freshmen learn to be grateful for any identity.
  • Benoni bowed to the ground as she went by, making some flattering speech about her appearance.
  • She must have packed them up before leaving England, while she was still flattering him.
  • Turenne returned to Paris in the winter, and was received with the most flattering marks of favor.
  • He soon became rich by his talents, his wit, his polished manners, and by flattering his sitters.
  • Another poem, dating from about 1320, refers to Irish dances in a flattering manner.
  • Ellen Nussey in her turn asks Charlotte to tell her of her faults and "cease flattering her".
  • Just then Stirling came up and with a very flattering speech asked Miss Huntington to sing.
  • But it seemed to me that if he had received a very especially flattering reception he would have said so.
  • There is enough talent in these verses to induce very flattering reviews in some of the literary journals.
  • He appears perfectly to understand their general character, of which he gives no very flattering description.
  • It is possible to avoid both discouraging and flattering views, and to give the most tender and elevating associations.
  • The old gentleman was intent on pushing on to the main army, flattering himself he was going to command a division of it.
  • The Hand prescribing, or the flattering Quill, Who doubly plagues, and boasts two Arts to kill!
  • There was no other way of accounting for his assiduous good offices; his flattering yet minute description of my appearance.
  • Most flattering propositions were made him by eager managers, who had become thoroughly awake to his genius when it was too late.
  • He had just risen from an excellent dinner; he was not much alarmed; and his audience listened with flattering attention.
  • Keith declared that all women loved flattery, but protested, of course, that he was not flattering her.
  • He received me with much dry courtesy, through which, however, it was not difficult to read a less flattering tale.
  • She knew, as did others, that she dressed with exquisite taste, and that no lady passed her on the street without a flattering comment.
  • She invites them to her receptions, her dinner-parties; she often finds them pleasant, witty, and then they venture a few flattering compliments.
  • But she gave him her hand, and said many flattering and pleasing things, which, however, neither flattered nor pleased him.
  • Her lodger checked a rising smile, and leaned solicitously toward her, regarding her firm, fine-featured face with flattering attention.
  • She could not have done better if she had plotted long to devise a method of flattering Willan Blaycke.
  • There is something in the theory very pleasant and very flattering to human nature; and there are passages in the history of our race that might make its promulgation not unacceptable.
  • Hitherto the subscription is indeed flattering to me, as their Majesties of France and Prussia have each taken a copy.

Definition of Flattering

attractive or good-looking; that makes one look good | present participle of flatter | The action of the verb to flatter.
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