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  • The cobwebs flaunted from the ceiling.
  • In that big city it flaunted all unchallenged.
  • Yet here was a boy who flaunted his goodness in our faces.
  • And she flaunted a piece of paper before his eyes.
  • Not a wall but flaunted red valerian and snapdragon.
  • The symbol flaunted abroad the sentiment of the past.
  • Bony hard, they flaunted their angles at every move....
  • And in the front seats flaunted them conspicuously displayed.
  • But what had he done that they should be flaunted on a scarecrow?...
  • Timeh flaunted her heels at the sun and then came with short, mincing steps.
  • It has been said that I have paraded and flaunted some obnoxious opinions.
  • He had elocutionary gifts, had Mr. Allison, and flaunted them.
  • You've flaunted that gun in our faces and asked a lot of questions.

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  • The brands of the local firm were flaunted on the bill-boards of a dozen western agencies.
  • I have not flaunted the star-spangled banner in your faces, or indulged in oratorical fireworks.
  • Conqueror for the moment, she flaunted back to the nest, and after much ado finally settled down.
  • All the gods of chance flaunted their wild raiment here, above the brown flood of the Mississippi.
  • Round his headquarters at St. Louis the Confederate colors were flaunted in his face.
  • Each book-stall Flaunted it out in bills, what airs were sung, What singers hired.
  • The crew of bacchanals and blackguards who then flaunted in high places would not now be tolerated for a day.
  • Here they flaunted in seasons of prosperity, retiring to their mountain fastnesses in times of trouble.
  • Pee-wee, with all his flaunted efficiency, could not be at both ends of this patrol at the same time.
  • In front were flaunted the dreadful emblems of idolatry, so far as their bearers were able still to raise them.
  • They rushed towards the animal and flaunted their flags before his eyes, striving to excite and draw him on to attack them.
  • He did not try to make you forget his ugliness; he flaunted it in your face and made it part of the charm of his speech.
  • For by now his mental questioning had spread across a chasm dreaded for long years and flaunted itself gaily in a narrow field.
  • But the solemn ambulances still followed after, and the red flag of the hospitals flaunted bloodily in the blue midnight.
  • And if the bread was deleterious, the showy-looking biscuits and cakes that flaunted shamelessly in the shop windows were positively deadly.
  • Straight to the Colon water-front he went, and there flaunted himself before the men from down the coast.
  • And one of those bracelets was the one that he had worn; for she flaunted it at him, moving her arm so that the light should make the gold glitter.
  • Madeleine knew that many of the eminent citizens she met in Society kept their mistresses and flaunted them openly.
  • Louder shrieked the wild concords; bare legs flashed nearer; bright colors flaunted with startling distinctness.
  • Wine-drinking and opium-eating were well-nigh universal, prostitution was rampant, and the most degrading vices flaunted naked and unashamed.
  • Even in this moment of emotional stress, Lou was conscious of her repugnance at the spectacle of coarsely flaunted vice.
  • And little by little the rich took courage, emerged from their hiding-places, and flaunted their luxury in the face of the starving multitude.
  • His top-hat, at least four sizes larger than any top-hat worn out of a pantomime, flaunted the same word in letters of flame.
  • The eager, unspent emotionalism of Noreen's face flaunted itself across his smoky vision.
  • Next door, for instance, in the twin house to hers, flaunted in the face of liberal divorce laws, was a young couple with five children.
  • So dominant was the note of sternness that the colours of the bright bunting flaunted by the ships faded out of the eye, and one only saw the vast bulk of brooding power.
  • In place of courage they flaunted an insolent leer, and the smile intended to convey self-confidence betrayed to a close observer anxiety bordering on panic.

Definition of Flaunted

past participle of flaunt
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