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  • No flavoring is used.
  • Vanilla or any other flavoring improves this fudge.
  • Use any flavoring or spice preferred.
  • Any flavoring may be used instead of peppermint.
  • Add two tablespoons of butter for flavoring and then serve.
  • Manufacture of Flavoring Extracts.
  • Strong: flavoring cheese like Parmesan and Pecorino.
  • Sage flavoring extract is sprayed over the curd by an atomizer.
  • Cook slowly for five minutes and then add the flavoring and seasoning.
  • The strained liquid will contain the flavoring matter and pectin.
  • These sirups are used for flavoring ice creams and water ices.
  • This flavoring is made from the tonka-bean, which contains a deadly poison.
  • The gravy should be retained for flavoring other gravies, sauces, etc.
  • For soups, fish, entrees, meat, and game, for flavoring and garnishing.

How To Use Flavoring In A Sentence?

  • After milling, the sage extract flavoring is sprayed over the curd with an atomizer.
  • Fifth, flavoring and vegetables added after making stock prevent its souring quickly.
  • Add two beaten eggs, 2/3 of a cup of sweet milk and vanilla flavoring to taste.
  • Oil of sassafras distilled from the bark of the roots is used for perfuming soaps and flavoring medicines.
  • They are still found in my kitchen, and are used in scant amount as a flavoring for stuffing of fowl.
  • One-half ounce of flavoring is usually sufficient for a hundred pounds of curd and can be secured from dairy supply houses.
  • It is a well-known fact that salt will cause the juices and flavoring of the meat to dissolve and therefore become lost.
  • The commercial extracts of meat are little better than frauds, for they contain practically nothing but flavoring matters.
  • The sediment may also be bottled for immediate use, and will be found to answer for flavoring thick soups or gravies.
  • The French excel in serving leftovers because they so thoroughly understand the art of flavoring and seasoning.
  • She lives in a house about as large as a piano box and tries to scare away the wolf by selling flavoring extracts and taking orders for books.
  • Add butter and when cool add yolk of eggs; then the flour, flavoring and stiffly beaten whites of 2 eggs.
  • She finished her coffee, flavoring to the last drop the warm stimulation of it; then, having built up again her hopeful mood, she set out anew.
  • It is much used in Cuba for flavoring purposes, and is soft and juicy, each specimen weighing from a pound to a pound and a half.
  • It was constantly carried to church as a "Sabbath-day posy," and its petals used as flavoring in soups and stews.
  • Delicious as spreading mixed with butter, excellent for flavoring eggs, macaroni, spaghetti, potatoes, soup, etc.
  • Turning these things in his mind, flavoring the bitter in the prospect with the sweet of romance, he was drawn out of his wanderings by the sudden starting of his horse.
  • This flavoring ingredient, if genuine and well prepared, is one of the most useful store sauces to the experienced cook, and no trouble should be spared in its preparation.

Definition of Flavoring

present participle of flavor | Something that gives flavor, usually a food ingredient.
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