Flay In A Sentence

Definition of Flay

to strip skin off | to lash | (Britain dialectal, Northern England, Scotland) A fright; a scare.

How To Use Flay In A Sentence?

  • He was accustomed to be fondled and caressed by those whom it was his painful duty to flay alive.
  • A truly ingenious and original idea to flay a birch tree and make a boat of its skin!
  • She'll flay him with her tongue for having dared to say a disrespectful word to God's minister.
  • Only remember, that if you don't atone for that crust within three years, I'll flay you alive!
  • You can flay me alive, if you like, or send me to the galleys, or ruin me in any fashion in your power.
  • He would shoot that bear, bring back some fellows from the inn to flay the animal, and present the skin to his uncle.
  • Again Hertha heard him flay the man to whom she had so unreservedly given her love, and again she shrank from his bitter words.
  • Kazi Muhamet approached, and cut the throat; then he turned the animal over, and began to flay it, pulling away the hide with his mighty fists.
  • Many people had lost their lives by the disease, insomuch that nobody would now venture to flay any more of the cattle, but contrived to bury them whole.
  • He will flay his poor soul for trifles as if they were the blackest crimes: In such moments the devil is very busy about the victim of gloom and despair.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Flay | Flay Sentence

  • Then she sought to flay her guest with all discretion.
  • He should punish, but not flay off the skin.
  • Aurora, going to flay and burn you alive.
  • It was he who would flay her for coquetting with the liberator.
  • He drew out his knife and ripping the otter up he began to flay him.
  • You wanted to flay the cook for serving an extra course for dinner.
  • They strip them bare, flay them and cut away the flesh about the heel.
  • I was bound like Marsyas while Apollo was getting ready to flay me.
  • The teeth of Hell flay bare and gnash thee flat!-- Lo!
  • SCARIFICO, used recklessly and freely, will rapidly flay the reigning beauty.

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