Fleck In A Sentence

Definition of Fleck

(transitive) To mark with small spots | A flake | A lock, as of wool.

How To Use Fleck In A Sentence?

  • I am a grey fleck in my dark wool coat near the perimeter of a winding fence.
  • He had noticed a fleck of red on the matted beard, where the lip had been bitten into.
  • A cloud had begun to fleck the horizon; soon would come the sound of the approaching tempest.
  • There came a second report, and a fleck of dust lifted from between the running feet of Dorales.
  • To fleck the meadows green, Than thy untrammelled notes are heard Rising the brakes between.
  • Horizonte zuzueilen und bildete bald nur einen etwas helleren Fleck auf der Erde.
  • There is no indication of a guiding intelligence, and if he possess an immortal spirit, so does the mollusk and the fleck of protoplasm.
  • Comyn turned to fleck the window with his handkerchief, while I was not a little put out at their mirth.
  • A minute substance like the white of an egg; with a fleck of blood in it, can frequently be seen upon the clothing.
  • A fleck of crimson on the creamy neck of the Angel showed where the vicious teeth of the black stallion had reached him.
  • A fleck of dust arose from the loose coat which covered the spare form of the General, but he stood apparently untouched.
  • Keep the sky clear, my darling, so that you can always see up straight to God, with never the fleck of a cloud between.
  • From the doorway of the shack came a sharp report; a fleck of dust lifted, slightly to one side of the running figure of Dorales.
  • John, handsome, pure, without a single fleck upon his snow-white conscience, was looking at him out of a dark corner, with cold but beautiful eyes.
  • Guion took the time to fleck a few specks of cigar-ash from his shirt-bosom and waistcoat, thus allowing Rodney Temple to pass out first.
  • When the mast was again set up and the close-reefed main and foresails were hoisted, the light craft bounded away once more before the wind like a fleck of foam.
  • They breathed round it, fanning it into a great blaze that leaped and danced up to the rafters; then they fell on, till not a fleck or a flake of it was left.
  • Rather, I praised God, thanking Him that out of all that wealth not a fleck of dust had settled on my robe.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fleck | Fleck Sentence

  • I brushed against him and scraped off a fleck with my finger-nails.
  • There was a bruise and a fleck of blood on the upper part of her face.
  • He yawned and dusted a fleck of dust from the sleeve of his coat.
  • A little fleck of colour came into his cheeks as he drank it down.
  • Some women came in to scour the room and fleck away the cobwebs.
  • For every sin that he committed, a stain would fleck and wreck its fairness.
  • The orders of the day of Generals von Fleck and Von Ditfurth prove this.
  • A whip cracks, wheels turn, why burn one's eyes following a fleck of dust.
  • In the name of these souls old Doctor Fleck exclaimed, "Aha!

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