Flee In A Sentence

Definition of Flee

(intransitive) To run away; to escape. | (transitive) To escape from. | (intransitive) To disappear quickly; to vanish.

How To Use Flee In A Sentence?

  • What other recourse is there for him in such a conflict than to flee or to die in the attempt?
  • Strangely enough the only soldiers from whom she had to flee were the Serbians.
  • If he could not relieve it, he felt constrained to shut his eyes to it and to flee from it.
  • And let thine enemies be scattered, And let those who hate thee flee before thee.
  • Earl Fin would in no wise consent to flee and was taken captive; he could not see well.
  • Julia thanked her for the offer of a refuge to which she never meant to flee under any circumstances.
  • Rather than inflict such torture upon her he would flee to the depths of the wilderness and hide until she was married.
  • The greasewood was not far from sloping ground where she might easily flee for hiding if danger approached.
  • The two who did not flee were a wounded man who had fallen from his saddle and the one whose horse had been killed.
  • Could not a few passengers or sailors have saved themselves therein, and found time to flee from the wreck?
  • As they look him in his face and his shadowy wings cover them, nature recoils and would flee from him.
  • Vigil was kept day and night, while the residents of the countryside were prepared to flee at the first warning of imminent disaster.
  • Then the damosel, when she saw that knight, she bade him flee down that valley, for his horse was not saddled.
  • They longed for the approaching night to close around them in order that they might bury the dead, and flee to the wilderness for safety.
  • It was not from the oppressions of the government, but from a corrupted social state, that the prophet of old wished to flee into the wilderness.
  • She longed to flee away and be at rest; but she could not escape into forgetfulness, and she would not fly from duty.
  • But I had no mind either to follow the difficult route through the fields or to flee from a single horseman.
  • I cried, "you may flee from me, but you shall not escape from me, accursed beast!
  • But now we do the contrary: death we flee from, but as to the state of our opinion about death we are negligent, heedless, indifferent.
  • Pliny says, "all other serpents do flee from and are afraid of it," and tells of the deadly effect of his breath and glittering eye.
  • On another occasion Tristrem was not so fortunate, and, being discovered, was forced to flee the country.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Flee | Flee Sentence

  • Should she turn and flee before she was discovered?
  • He must not flee away.
  • Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.
  • The wicked flee when no man pursueth.
  • Have we not to flee on wings, or be cut off?
  • To flee down the stairs now would be rank folly.
  • He asks her to marry him, to flee with him.
  • She could flee back to the wilderness that gave her breath.
  • Most people flee from the Riviera during the summer months.
  • And whither shall I flee from death?
  • Here they came upon others who had been forced to flee for safety.
  • Without further remonstrance, the lady turned to flee with her children.
  • He turned to flee the place, but his legs refused the service.
  • And in late months he had begun to find his old fears and terrors flee away.
  • Who hearing a mighty noise, as of a great army flee away.
  • He thinks they would all flee before our regulars just as the Senecas did.
  • The thistle's beard must na' flee by, but they must catch and look into.
  • The Pagans roused, by their foes harassed, Flee far for Sarraguce.
  • Nay, said Sir Gareth, I will not flee though thou be afeard of him.

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