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  • Some dragon of assertion ever disputes our right to the golden fleece of truth.
  • He took off its skin and carried the fleece home, feeling very proud of his prowess.
  • The specimen of their fleece which was shown us, resembles the coat of the musk ox.
  • The guanaco is as large as the llama, and bears a fleece of long and coarse wool.
  • She turned, and ran back as fast as she could, her short fleece of golden hair flying.
  • Let him hear quarrels and discussions with the alcaldes, but let him not allow them to fleece his sheep.
  • Within was a fleece of raw silk containing an object which she presently displayed before the astonished gaze of our hero.
  • If he sees a likely victim he makes his acquaintance in a hundred ways, and then proceeds to fleece him.
  • But under this dense black fleece his lines were fine and clean-drawn as a bull-terrier's.
  • Our sisters wrought the flax which we cultivated, and changed the fleece of our flocks into a wardrobe for winter.
  • Through the sheet of glass above she saw a shred of white fleece in mid-heaven turn to a pale pink.
  • They hoped to fleece me in some way, and their very association discredited me in the eyes of one or two honest men.
  • She wore a stomacher made from the fleece of a lamb, and between her bright red lips were the tusks of a wolf.
  • The fleece and skin of the bear were a heavy burden for two men; and the oil amounted to eight gallons.
  • It posed before the world in the white fleece of liberty, but the covering was too scant to hide the ravening wolf underneath.
  • Between those two shoulders rose a cathedral-like spire of rock and snow that seemed to tip the white fleece of the clouds.
  • By the carding engine the fibres are combed out, and laid parallel to each other, and the fleece is compressed into sliver.
  • Strongly intrenched behind well-filled money bags, they have felt themselves safe in helping the trusts to fleece the public.
  • Above the world, half hidden under the spotless fleece of winter, a white sun shone in a pallid sky.
  • This cloak, they said, was made of wool woven from the fleece of fairy sheep and had great powers of happiness.
  • How has this tiny creature made its way from the underground lodging where the eggs are hatched to the fleece of a Bee?
  • They employ spies to stir up strife, and some lawyers and judges seem to be banded together to fleece the confiding lambs of the public.
  • We got between them in everything except our boots; even trench-coats were not discarded, nor fleece linings any longer to be despised.
  • Wafted by the morning breeze a mighty river of clouds poured slowly down the valley, filling it with gray-white fleece from brim to brim.
  • As far as eye could see every yard was an old battlefield; beneath the soft white fleece of snow lay countless unburied bodies.
  • But stranger still that a good Christian world should bleed and fleece such women, and give them nothing in return except obloquy and persecution.
  • Had he been wholly innocent he would have demanded trial at the hands of his peers of the Golden Fleece as behooved one of the order.
  • If I could only get out of my skin, cast off this fleece which is smothering me, fling myself naked as a skinned mouse into a fresher atmosphere!
  • In the Greek mythology it was supposed to represent the ram, the loss of whose fleece led to the voyage of the Argonauts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fleece | Fleece Sentence

  • Its fleece was dripping with water.
  • Five Sitares are embedded in the fleece of the thorax.
  • Those Americans will, I am afraid, still fleece you.
  • The Quest of the Silver Fleece (novel).
  • She pulled the little golden fleece of hair farther over her forehead.
  • Still her fingers went along the strand of fleece near her breast.
  • Ket, the fleece on a sheep's body.
  • There was a silence for a moment, while Jason held the golden fleece on high.
  • He had been made knight of the Golden Fleece at the May meeting.
  • How Argo in old time was brought To Colchis for the fleece of gold.
  • Two maid-servants from "The Silver Fleece Inn" were the next witnesses.

Definition of Fleece

(transitive) To con or trick (someone) out of money. | (transitive) To shear the fleece from (a sheep or other animal). | (transitive) To cover with, or as if with, wool.
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