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  • Life is but a fleeting breath at best.
  • But even these were but fleeting fancies.
  • Some fleeting good that mocks me with the view.
  • Where hath fleeting beauty led?
  • How soon the fleeting pleasures passed!
  • A fleeting respite comes to the tormented mink.
  • He felt for a fleeting moment the warm clasp of her hand.
  • So all our midnight madness passed like a fleeting cloud.
  • It took him several seconds to reconcile himself to the fleeting apparition.
  • Mortal life was but a fleeting mirage besides this vision of the life beyond.
  • This world, darling, is fleeting and vain, and its pleasures unsatisfying.
  • A fleeting shadow of sadness seemed to cross Meryl's face.

How To Use Fleeting In A Sentence?

  • Only at rare intervals did she unbend and allow him a fleeting glimpse of her very soul.
  • He felt that these fleeting amorosities were a part of the natural history of his inner being.
  • The many beautiful things are but the fleeting expressions of the one eternal beauty.
  • He caught a fleeting glimpse of what he took to be a gnarled tree trunk among the blooms overside.
  • Her face no longer swiftly mirrored each fleeting emotion at all times, for any one to see.
  • The smile in her eyes somehow struck him as sad, even fleeting in its attempt at mirth.
  • Didst thou behold immortal sovereignty, thou wouldst strive to pass from this fleeting world.
  • Miss Mortimer raised hers to a better world; and recalled them to this fleeting scene no more.
  • No longer by days, but by short, fleeting hours, was the inevitable time to be measured.
  • Why should her fleeting day-dreams fade unspoken, Like daffodils that die with sheaths unbroken?
  • And Meryl only dared to take a fleeting glance also, for fear her eyes might betray her.
  • And snare one glowing hour from fleeting time, A golden bird, caged in a golden rhyme.
  • He caught a fleeting glimpse of figures running on the open quadrangle that seemed rushing up to meet him.
  • Was it only to weep one day over this negation that our childish hearts were so tenderly attached to these fleeting shadows?
  • Never did the sun appear, and on the several occasions that stars broke through they were too dim and fleeting for identification.
  • They had one fleeting view of the familiar rooms, and then a cloud of ashes and smoke choked the picture.
  • For a fleeting instant before the blind was pulled, she saw someone standing in front of an old-fashioned dresser.
  • The artist glared down from his square window at the ruffled waters, or scowled at the fleeting snows on the mountains over the way.
  • She tried to smile in order to soothe me, but it was only like a fleeting sunbeam which instantly vanished behind clouds of gloom.
  • The idea of identity is involved here, and it is, as it were, a thread upon which these fleeting sensations are strung.
  • The foliage swayed in the night wind, and the argent light of the moon ran in fleeting bars through the dim recesses of the forest.
  • School time was ended, the first fleeting years of university life were over, and many beautiful life-dreams were over also.
  • It regards the individual thing, not as an individual, but in its universal aspects, as the fleeting embodiment of an eternal thought.
  • For he saw suddenly that he was looking upon something deathless and imperishable, yet fragile and fleeting as the breath of time....
  • Not a sound was heard, save the ticking of the old fashioned clock on the mantle piece, as its hands slowly marked the fleeting minutes.
  • A curious expression flitted over the impassive countenance of the Boer: it passed like a fleeting shadow, but the firelight just caught it.
  • Falsest of womankind, can'st thou declare All thy fond, plighted vows fleeting as air!
  • They surveyed themselves gravely in their fleeting grandeur and then turned to walk up to the aristocratic part of town, a curious little procession.

Definition of Fleeting

Passing quickly; of short duration. | present participle of fleet
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