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How To Use Fleshly In A Sentence?

  • The morally great in all ages have become strong by overcoming their fleshly natures.
  • She saw there the ribbed and shanked old skeleton world on which our fair fleshly is moulded.
  • Open profligacy and wilful obedience to fleshly lusts are no doubt ruinous sins, if not given up.
  • He begins his physical, or rudimental, fleshly career by descending below all things.
  • His bones had now lost their fleshly mantle, and forgotten he lay, far from those he loved.
  • It was rather in a glory and a radiance cast through the fleshly covering from the fierce soul within.
  • They are the fruits of man's spiritual nature triumphing over his fleshly nature.
  • It makes me contrast their present gross substance of fleshly life with the nothingness speedily to come.
  • No one should believe, after all the growth of the ages, that the soul was made to be imprisoned in a fleshly prison.
  • They can appear unto men, when permitted; but not having a fleshly tabernacle, they cannot hide their glory.
  • Now we are sailing, side by side, down the mighty river, travelled by all wearing the fleshly habit.
  • It is hard for men full of courage and fleshly power to understand how the Lord works with such humble instruments.
  • Duly to praise in words their friendly lord and king When his soul wanders forth far from its fleshly home.
  • You that were formerly aliens, and enemies in your mind by wicked works, yet he hath now reconciled by his fleshly body, through his death.
  • He slowly spread his hand flat, so that his fingers and thumb ceased to form so many posts and rails about the reptile, or a fleshly cage.
  • Before my inner sight ye stretch away, And will forever, though these fleshly eyes grow blind.
  • The spirit of man consists of an organization, or embodiment of the elements of spiritual matter, in the likeness and after the pattern of the fleshly tabernacle.
  • Must the fleshly hand and visible frame of man set its seal to the evil designs of the soul, in order to give them their entire validity against the sinner?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fleshly | Fleshly Sentence

  • He would be fleshly enough in any hands.
  • That never fleshly woman they did know.
  • I am enamoured of fleshly anguish and martyrdom.
  • How much the fleshly will has sought to do His work!
  • So is your fleshly man handicapped against his subtler brother.
  • The skeletons stood out clean cut, with no trace of fleshly vestments.
  • Who could say where the fleshly impulse ceased, or the physical impulse began?
  • How often the fleshly mind has usurped His place in Thy worship!
  • The ringing in my ears is the ringing of my fleshly stars "toned all in Time.

Definition of Fleshly

Of or relating to the body. | Of, relating to or resembling flesh; composed of flesh; having a lot of flesh. | Of or relating to pleasurable (often sexual) sensations.
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