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  • The flick of a finger and the bottle is before you.
  • With but the barest flick of gray eyes downward.
  • And he gave the guinea a flick in the face of us all.
  • With a flick of his ashes to one side he turned away.
  • The incident touched on his mind like the flick of a whip.
  • In the flick of a second Hyrst went blind and deaf.
  • Suddenly they began to flick out of sight by twos and threes.
  • Beatrice stooped to flick an imaginary piece of lint off of her skirt.
  • She must catch him as he ran toward her and try to flick him out of the water.
  • A dexterous flick of his rod landed the worm fairly in the middle of the run.
  • And see how her ears flick back and forth, like the twitching ears of a cat!
  • He was caught by the pigtail, and jerked backward, as a boy might flick a top.
  • Instead his eyes had given as it were a flick to Amory's face.
  • He must've seen my eyes flick up again, to pull his Whuffie history.

How To Use Flick In A Sentence?

  • But as she obeyed, with one flick of the wrist he roped her above the elbows from behind.
  • She did not give him her hand, however, and tried to flick away the telltale tears.
  • It was a temptation, too, to flick a currant into the face of another picker and see him jump.
  • You merely had to put them on the Invertor in Surgery and flick the switch for full Inversion.
  • The Mate gazed hard to windward, eyed his sail, And said the Horn was going to flick her tail.
  • Then she put the letter in the fire, and watched it flame and blacken and flick to pieces in the draught.
  • I tried to act cool, but he caught the upwards flick of my eyes and then their involuntary widening.
  • I knew wot had 'appened the 'orse had got a flick over the head with the whip and was going along at a gallop.
  • She plumped a potato into the bowl and dexterously used the handle of the knife to flick a long streak of hair over her left shoulder.
  • Bindle rushed at her with a frail-looking hemp-seated chair, which he proceeded to flick with his red silk pocket-handkerchief.
  • The Colonel has just unceremoniously pushed his sovereign to the rear with a flick of his nervous irritated little finger.
  • To Katharine it seemed as if they had brushed away sixty years or so with the first flick of their damp dusters.
  • Next moment, however, a flick of flame stole out and moved up the tree, and a draught of air blew the smoke across the stage.
  • She waved her hand to him gayly, gave Magpie a flick with her whip, and went flying across the country.
  • The flick of a tail, the purr of an engine or the slope of a wing may give the observant a clue as to the disposition of an aerial Pegasus.
  • Her words touched Cyrus like the flick of a whip on a sore, and he drew back quickly while his thin lips grew tight.
  • Racquet continued to supplicate her with bowed head, but he gave one surreptitious flick of his stumpy tail, that to me had the irresistible suggestion of a wink.
  • He surveyed the assemblage for a moment, casting his eagle eye on one and then another as though to consider how best to touch the sympathies and flick the raws of so incongruous a gathering.
  • Now that she was successfully landed upon the desired level and needed its support no longer, would she kick it aside entirely, with one flick of her slippered foot?

Definition of Flick

To move or hit (something) with a short, quick motion. | A short, quick movement, especially a brush, sweep, or flip. | (informal) A motion picture; (in plural, usually preceded by "the") movie theater, cinema.
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