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  • With his thick beard and the flickering cabin lamps it was impossible to discover more.
  • At last there appeared before them a dim figure silhouetted against a flickering light.
  • Little fires are burning here and there, and battery-lanterns are flickering in the gloom.
  • The duns and browns are over the woods, and the leaves come fitfully flickering down.
  • Excitement died in him almost visibly, like the flickering down of a spent fire.
  • The quartette filed into a large and lofty room, flickering under the pallid flames of candles.
  • The lowering of the eyelids, the flickering of a smile, had meaning and depth in this land.
  • Towards midnight the cold became so keen that I rose and went to the side of a flickering fire.
  • Grandpa Martin walked into the dark hole, his lantern flickering like a firefly at night.
  • Out on the water flickering lights and soft-voiced choruses marked the fishers returning from the reef.
  • Here a poet might make verses with moonlight in them, and a gleam of fierce firelight flickering through.
  • Three flickering candles stood on a low table, and another on a chair at the head of the narrow bed.
  • Then she slowly pushed the door open with gentle motion, to save her flickering candle from being again extinguished.
  • She was facing them all, one hand resting on the table, and a little smile flickering over her face.
  • With his withdrawal the light in the hall, furnished by a bead of gas, faded to a flickering obscurity.
  • There was no light in our prison, but through the single iron window we could see flickering camp-fires outside.
  • Then, as the flickering light grew into a steady flame, he was able to take stock of his surroundings.
  • She hurried into the bedroom, and stopped short at sight of her patient, lying there in the light of the flickering fire.
  • To these snakes she sang and they danced to her singing; yes, with flickering tongues they danced upon their tails!
  • A flickering tongue of flame flared brightly for a moment and illumined the features, bringing out their expression with startling distinctness.
  • He snapped his fingers, and whispered to a coolie whose face was gaunt and stolid in the flickering red glow of the fire.
  • The queer black stick had fallen, and was crumbling away, but it had crushed the last flickering flame.
  • The fact was that life was flickering low, as it sometimes does, with no ostensible reason which science could grasp.
  • Soon the incursion ceased, and the sky, flickering and brightening no longer, settled to a sullen flush.
  • To his eye the green flickering circle lightened, paled, and then changed to a clear pale-blue sky and a sparkling stretch of sea.
  • The glimmer of a light came bobbing up from somewhere behind Truxton; he could see the flickering shadows on the wall.
  • The crowd swayed in masses, the movement dazzled; it resembled a flickering film before the "movies" were improved upon.
  • Even in the flickering lamplight Democrates could see the Spartan's evil smile.
  • The men were bringing wine, on a little tin tray, leaning with their proud, vivid loins, their faces flickering with the same subtle smile.
  • The last flickering light of the town was left far behind, and darkness, like a great shroud, enveloped river, valley and woods.
  • The principle involved here is the same as that involved in seeing pictures in a flickering log fire or having a vision of past or future events by gazing into a crystal.
  • The play of the firelight that shone through the holes of the broken stove sent flickering shadows dancing over the floor and walls of the rough interior.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Flickering | Flickering Sentence

  • The lamps in the low-ceiled cabin were flickering dimly.
  • A little shiver went flickering across her shoulders.
  • A manservant carried up two flickering candles for us.
  • Towards afternoon came some few moments of flickering sunlight.
  • Presently through the woods came the flickering glow of torches.
  • In one of them a merry fire was crackling and flickering on the hearth.
  • The night lamps are dull and flickering and the stranger is a mere shadow.
  • Or out at once your flickering life I'll blow.

Definition of Flickering

shining unsteadily or vary rapidly in brightness (referring to a light or a source of light) | present participle of flicker | A short, uncertain burst.
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