Flicks In A Sentence

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  • Tony deliberately flicks the ash from his cigarette.
  • Dan's gaze flicks back to me.

How To Use Flicks In A Sentence?

  • And, by Heaven! he stops it, and flicks it up to the wicket-keeper, who whips off the bails.
  • Barbro cannot help smiling, and being not unused to acting under critical circumstances, she flicks off the flea at once.
  • It seems to him, as he angrily flicks the ash off the end of his cigar, that he had seen nothing but those folding-doors.
  • He had watched Menard grow from a roistering lieutenant into a rigid captain, and he knew his temper too well to mind the flicks of banter.

Definition of Flicks

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of flick | plural of flick
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