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  • Like flies on the cold flesh.
  • It was like the crossing of flies in the air.
  • That angers him, and he flies out.
  • Sometimes he flies out over the sea and chases the ships.
  • Tonight who flies not, never flies.
  • Those flies get pretty big when you get them up there.
  • Sometimes he flies from town to town sweeping the streets.
  • Make yourselves honey, and the flies will devour you.
  • Then everybody flies kites and the boys have their feast.
  • Then George flies out at him.
  • The history of the Bot flies is in brief thus.
  • We were gay as flies in summer, in the real old Romany way.
  • Mamma laughingly consented and the flies almost immediately dissapeared.
  • Then she flies to receive his dyin' words.
  • It instantly deserts possession, and flies to an object in the horizon.
  • That, Judge, is the place for black flies and mosquitoes in June.

How To Use Flies In A Sentence?

  • It is possible to love and be loved untroubling, as a bird flies through the air.
  • Not only are there no facts in proof of it, but it flies in the face of facts without number.
  • It simply chooses its objective and flies to it, practically in a straight line.
  • And even the little flies he will kill, he is so afraid that some one will come to kill him.
  • The worms continued to infest the tree for six weeks, the flies remaining either upon or near it.
  • The machinery has proved, like the balloon, unmanageable, and flies away with the aeronaut.
  • They had now only to take their appointed places in the flies and wings and let the tragedy proceed.
  • The reason is very obvious: the flies don't necessarily stay on the same tree.
  • The old swallow takes her young ones into the air and shows them how to catch little flies on the wing.
  • The day was warm and but little wind blowing, and the swarms of black flies were absolutely terrific.
  • The bird seemed to be acting the part of nurse to her, driving off the flies which tried to settle on her little red mouth.
  • The sacrifice was explained as a device for inducing flies to settle in one spot, and leave the rest of the coast clear.
  • When we thus dream back into childhood, and from childhood into infinity, this bad beginning continually flies further away.
  • The eggs of certain other species of Bot flies do not hatch until three or four days after they are laid.
  • Watercress glitters in the cold streams where trout, winter-weary, are on patrol for those flies now magnificent in their jeweled dress of spring.
  • It has already been remarked that an ox was sacrificed to flies near the temple of Apollo in Leucas.
  • Her hind body may be seen tilling with the red blood, until it cries quits, and the insect withdraws its sting and flies sluggishly away.
  • But this gives you an idea, in a general way, of the distribution of the host plants and the flies about which I have been speaking.
  • Among the numerous insects preying in some way upon the Humble bee are to be found other species of bees and moths, flies and beetles.
  • During the hotter parts of summer, and when the sun is shining brightly, thousands of these Horse flies appear on our marshes and inland prairies.
  • Their interfemoral membranes, we may add, are actual "unreticulated" nets, with which they catch and detain flies as they skim through the air.
  • The inhabitants of Trinqueballe, having neither wood for firing, nor bread to eat, died like flies at the approach of winter.
  • Straightway the dead flies began to arrive in such quantities that Mrs. Clemens was pleased beyond words with the success of her idea.
  • As soon as the flies were gone, Pharaoh again changed his mind, and concluded not to permit the children of Israel to depart.

Definition of Flies

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of fly | plural of fly | (plural only) The open area above a stage where scenery and equipment may be hung.
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