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  • Her eyes do not flinch from his.
  • They did not flinch this time.
  • Women flinch from the facts of life.
  • The man did not flinch under the blow.
  • And none of these or flinch or yield.
  • Does it flinch from the bitter steel?
  • That makes you flinch under the whip, does it?
  • You flinch from seeing the madman in full view.
  • She did not flinch under his severe, critical gaze.
  • The suffering is not what I flinch from.
  • Did the Pinto really flinch from a bullet striking home?
  • And for the first time I saw my dream girl flinch from me.
  • He did not flinch from the lightning; it was as if he did not see it.
  • Where's the foot will nor flinch nor fly?
  • He did not flinch when the battle into which he had gone commenced in earnest.
  • Michael's eyes did not flinch as he said this.
  • She had turned very white, but she did not flinch in the least.
  • It is good not to flinch at another's touch.
  • Jimmy would flinch from nothing on a steamer's bridge.
  • But nothing daunts us, or makes us flinch from our fell purpose.
  • But not for an instant did the French sailors flinch from their guns.
  • During the ten days' struggle, the citizens did not flinch for a moment.

How To Use Flinch In A Sentence?

  • Yet she did not flinch in her certainty that nemesis must be obeyed and even aided.
  • She did not flinch from his glittering grey eye, and her grieved look deepened.
  • He did not cry out, nor flinch in the least, nor strive to mitigate the pain by twisting about.
  • Protagoras clearly understood this, {116} and did not flinch from the conclusion.
  • Now it was back where it first appeared, and did not flinch for the next, or the next ball.
  • If your heart is right in the sight of God, you have no cause to flinch from examination.
  • But her eyes said enough, and I saw Jim flinch as if he had been struck in the face.
  • She knew her father too well to suppose that he would flinch from any measure he had proposed to himself.
  • For those who flinch from reality, this is as bitter an experience as any of the other hard parts of growing up.
  • Percussion causes the animal to flinch, and to flinch particularly when that portion of the wall adjoining the corn is struck.
  • She saw him flinch at the word, and the sombre irritation which his outburst had relieved for a minute, settled again on his features.
  • You have since, without my permission, sought and won her affections, and you have no right to flinch from the implied consequences.
  • These did their duty nobly; the fierce attack of the enemy failed to break their order, or make them even flinch for a moment.
  • His eyes did not flinch as he said these bold words, and manner and words alike confirmed my long felt fear that he knew me to be an impostor.
  • Her words came more thickly, her gaunt frame trembled the more, but not for one moment did her eye flinch before his youthful severity.
  • I scarcely need add that his aides-de-camp did not flinch from sharing Durando's fate.
  • If he has to come out from the crowd, and take a position by himself, he will not flinch from it rather than disobey the Bible.
  • These methods, however, are never wholly satisfactory, as a horse with the soundest of feet will sometimes flinch under these manipulations.

Definition of Flinch

Alternative form of flense | A reflexive jerking away. | (croquet) The slipping of the foot from a ball, when attempting to give a tight croquet.
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