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How To Use Flirtatious In A Sentence?

  • She is in literary fiction cousin to the witty, flirtatious ladies of the modern English theatre.
  • She would pay for flirtatious treatment, he thought villainously, reflecting what a shame it was that lips so alluring should be unkissed.
  • The other, flirtatious and attractive, saves herself and her family from penury by securing a rich officer, only to jeopardize everything through her undisciplined and sensuous temperament.
  • To her an embrace meant so much less than it meant to him, and she knew quite well that a flirtatious man would have recognised the game that was in progress and risked a rebuff because of the successive return.
  • It would be impossible to accuse Miss Cassandra of flirtatious intent, and yet at her glance and words Archie blushed a beautiful scarlet.

Definition of Flirtatious

Of or pertaining to flirtation. | (of a person) Having a tendency to flirt often.
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