Floated In A Sentence

How To Use Floated In A Sentence?

  • He had counted them when his plan only floated through his brain like a vague dream.
  • She opened her eyes to stare into a yellow moon that floated liquidly above her.
  • Dalton demanded sharply as a particularly hideous squawk floated across the water.
  • They floated along in a realm of silence where nothing was visible through the veil of mist.
  • The buildings floated in a liquid veil with the unreality of things seen in a dream.
  • The waltz music that floated down always set him swinging back in the land of memory.
  • Her voice floated mysterious and penetrating from her lips, which moved very little.
  • There she sat, looking at the clouds as they floated by, dark as her own prospects were.
  • But when the voices of the Trinity Choir floated over the water he was beside himself.
  • There was no sun, no light, and he just floated about in the darkness, which was Darkness itself.
  • A package of tinsel-paper bonbons floated safely, I remember, in the pool beside her.
  • From its top lazily floated a silk flag embroidered with the Chinese Royal arms.
  • The noises of the city came to him as if they floated over an immeasurable distance of empty space.
  • Dicksie asked herself if this could be the man about whom floated so many accusations of coldness and cruelty and death.
  • The shrill voices of children and the shouts of boys floated in at the open window from somewhere afar off.
  • As she went forward there floated to her a heavy, sweetish scent which seemed to her to be the very breath of despair.
  • That description floated around the country in the papers, and was in constant use and wear for a quarter of a century.
  • The blue smoke of their cigars floated over the array of decanters, the luscious fruits and glittering plate.
  • A faint, vaporous mist obscured the horizon and floated in tangled wreaths upon the face of the sea.
  • It is interesting to note the varying definitions of the word, baby, which have floated down to us in the literature of all nations.
  • As she raised her head from the water, the handkerchief bearing the three drops of blood fell unnoticed from her dress and floated down the stream.
  • And as she floated on, the little wild birds sang round her, and on the banks the little wild harebells bowed to her.
  • On his huge winged glider he floated calmly over the heads of the astounded multitude, often landing far behind them in the fields.
  • So long as they kept the fire in the grate burning the balloon remained aloft, and floated along in the direction in which the wind bore it.
  • Rhoda had stuck some vine-leaves in her hair, and had made a long wreath, that was hanging from the swing, and that floated as she floated.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Floated | Floated Sentence

  • She floated off smiling.
  • But the others still floated around.
  • A yell of exultation floated over from the rebel line.
  • In the lake floated a large tulip leaf.
  • Strange, lawless thoughts floated in her mind.
  • Wild visions floated through the brain of Densuke.
  • A wave of the faintest possible scent floated into my nostrils.
  • Still the murmur of those low voices floated across the camp.
  • A pleasant odor from the fire and the meat floated fitfully over the stockade.
  • On and on floated the leaf, the little maiden and the butterfly.
  • Winding along what rivers, by what intersecting canals had they floated here?
  • And when all of them were tied on, the raft floated like a bladder.
  • A hearty laugh broke upon the air and floated away over the water.
  • A lovely Presence floated in the light above us and accompanied us as we ran.
  • They floated in over the land, coming to earth safely not far from Calais.

Definition of Floated

simple past tense and past participle of float
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