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  • Another lantern floats by, swinging from side to side.
  • And now, at last, our buoyant bed floats among the stars.
  • Such an Eden-fragrance floats around the following dream.
  • This is an inspiration I cannot reach; it floats above me.
  • It floats aside, and, look, our men are still going on!
  • Usually these floats are carried at a height of a yard above the water.
  • With a double plash the flat-bottomed floats smacked the waves.
  • Calderara's floats consist of a plurality of w.t.
  • And secondly, that the earth is a flat disc which floats upon water.
  • Rocking, dancing silently, as upon waves, a lantern floats by.
  • Subsidiary floats at tips of |Tandem seats, pilot in front.
  • Still floats upon the morning wind, Still whispers to the willing mind.
  • Over every public building floats our beautiful flag, the Stars and Stripes.

How To Use Floats In A Sentence?

  • The height at which it floats in any given solution depends on the density of the solution.
  • Let us follow this vapor spherule as it floats into the upper regions of the atmosphere.
  • There he spreads his long wings and floats over the ocean like a white sea-king.
  • Behind him came huge floats depicting in startling tableaux the hideous menace of the gooseberry.
  • A frozen dignity instead floats about the room, and iceberg grinds against iceberg.
  • I have also put six floats in the middle, two together to show the center of the net.
  • It floats about on filmy wings of dragon-fly and butterfly, or glistens in the air on silky seeds.
  • The first had a single float, but now | | two floats are used.
  • The female lays her elongated, oval eggs in a boat-shaped mass, which floats on the water.
  • A white, semi-transparent cloud floats across this rock, hiding all but its summit and its base.
  • The sky which floats above dwelt with Hawaiki, And produced (certain islands).
  • But the fact is that Homer floats in the central stream of History, Shakespeare in an eddy.
  • Filmy floats the wild woodbine, Jonquil, jacinth, jessamine, Float and flow.
  • Down in the double bottom of the ship were arranged a series of floats connected with each set of bulkhead doors.
  • Being lighter than the air, it rises when disengaged and floats to the upper regions of the atmosphere.
  • This, in itself, was a highly dangerous performance, as the floats were very unsatisfactory landingskids.
  • They disintegrate into dust which floats in the air for a time, when more or less of it is precipitated upon the surface of the earth.
  • A soap-bubble as it floats in the light of the sun reflects to the eye an endless variety of the most gorgeous tints of colour.
  • It floats and moves, yet without consciousness of movement, as it were a somnambulist moving across the sea.
  • I have heard of a wonderful ball which floats in the sweet blue air, and has soft white clouds about it as it floats along.
  • The floats are necessarily large, particularly when used for the lower reaches, where there is a considerable tidal current.
  • The "triumph" to which he referred consisted of a procession with allegorical floats and every description of gala costume.
  • This is a white solid which floats about in the bell jar, but in a short time it is all absorbed by the water, leaving the nitrogen.
  • Fast above the indigo crests stir the light clouds, harried by the west wind whereon the hawk floats across the valley.
  • Should a "slip" occur just before the floats took the water the chance of a fatal capsize were almost a dead certainty.
  • We may liken these floating globules of mist to the dust of the earth which floats in the air, and it has not been inaptly called water-dust.
  • If under these conditions a cloud floats overhead, forming a heat screen, its presence will be readily noticed by a rise in the thermometer.

Definition of Floats

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of float | plural of float
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