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  • The floes lay within 30 yards of us upon each side.

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  • Great masses of ice called icebergs and ice floes are floating through this ocean.
  • Lancaster Sound, although not frozen over, was crammed full of floes and icebergs.
  • He tried to round the northern end of Greenland, but the great ice floes blocked his progress.
  • The surface of these ice floes or fields rose only about a foot or so above the surface of the water.
  • By skillful maneuvering we escaped from the ice floes and had a pleasant day or two in smoother seas.
  • The blasting of such floes was frequently impracticable, as they were of such a thickness that we were unable to lay the mine under them.
  • Down below was impenetrable blackness, shading softly overhead into blue-gray which was mottled by lighter areas from breaks in the floes above.
  • The sky rose from filmy silver-azure to richest sapphire, and the rolling waters between the floes were darkest purple-blue.
  • We were in danger of being imprisoned in a jam of icebergs, for the water-spaces between them freeze rapidly, binding the floes into one mass.
  • About this time, too, we met numerous fields and floes of ice, to get through which we often experienced considerable difficulty.
  • Meanwhile, the wind drove the ice in, the navigable water closed in all round it outside, and the floes were continually drawing nearer.
  • Nor, though the water was open, did she find a clear way, for the river was full of scattered floes which had crumbled down from the rim-ice.
  • On Tuesday, the 11th, we again proceeded southward by dint of arduous labor in clearing floes and brash, which often blocked our way.
  • But the crew of the ship did not give themselves much concern about the ice itself; for it was soon discovered that the floes were covered in many places with seals.
  • In addition to this, there were a number of loose floes beyond, and these were in constant motion, so that we had to be on the alert to prevent the kayaks from being crushed between them.
  • The pressure was tremendous, and on every side floes heaped up their debris on each other, and pinnacles forced into collision were ground into common ruin.
  • There is just enough movement in the ice to keep a few narrow lanes and small pools of water open; the floes or fields of ice are more inclined to spread out from each other than to close.
  • There is no relative motion in the floes of ice, except a gradual closing together, the small spaces and streaks of water being still further diminished.
  • Torches had also been lit, and bonfires of oakum-ends and other combustibles were burning on several floes around the Fram and making a brilliant show.

Definition of Floes

plural of floe
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