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  • But already he was flogging himself with his own contempt.
  • The askaris ceased from flogging him.
  • I believe flogging is the best punishment there is.
  • They said that the flogging had killed the carpenter.
  • The flogging was fixed for dawn on the following morning.
  • The law courts have re-introduced flogging for criminals.
  • I think flogging a woman worse than flogging a man?
  • They were flogging girls, selling girls ...
  • The Flogging of a Student.
  • The noise made by sails flogging in the wind. Slush.
  • Captain Twinely, I told you I should have no flogging here.
  • But this punishment of flogging was a purely ecclesiastical penalty.
  • Another object was, to do up their flogging which had been omitted over night.
  • But first they gave him a hard flogging in the presence of the clan.
  • The triangles were of the usual pattern, and the flogging was on the buttock.
  • He recalls, for instance, the occasion of his only flogging at school.
  • A flogging was too great a treat for Finlay's boy to miss.
  • That flogging cured me of 'tickling' trout, especially on Sunday.

How To Use Flogging In A Sentence?

  • All this searching and examining seemed to be the mere flogging of a dead horse.
  • This happened upon the afternoon of the day when the public flogging had taken place.
  • I was therefore much embarrassed, and very apprehensive of a flogging at least.
  • And the object for flogging under such circumstances, is to make the slaves anxious to be sold.
  • In some ships, however, flogging is nearly as frequent as prayers of a morning.
  • For weeks he had been flogging it, like an over-tired horse, into a feeble display of energy.
  • In Missouri this flogging of human beings in prison has been going on for more than fifty years.
  • The Hottentots are a thin-skinned race, and flogging is to them a very terrible punishment.
  • And now, at the last moment, I offer you the choice between a flogging and expulsion.
  • As for Mr. Nosnibor, he had received his eleventh flogging on the day of my arrival.
  • The attitude of the bench is that fear of another flogging will prevent that boy from turning highwayman again.
  • The most common punishment for neglect of duty or petty misconduct was a beating with a stick or flogging with a lash.
  • Such are often applied to by others, to give them power to prevent their masters from flogging them.
  • Death punished any resistance to a superior officer, and merciless flogging was inflicted on the rank and file.
  • Then out came the cat-o'-nine-tails again, and he fell to flogging him as fast as he could.
  • The children were of course well cudgelled, but no flogging of children could replace the magical handi.
  • Would Lamprocles have received the fatherly flogging and reproof as meekly as he did if he had not been sensible of his error?
  • He knew that his victims went to flogging and death, but he never watched them flogged, he never saw them die.
  • Ever since the affair on the station platform he had been flogging himself because he had driven away and left Meldrum in possession of the field.
  • Children, servants, and slaves were kept aside, and by continual flogging were obliged to divulge the secret hiding-places.
  • They might expel him and welcome, he did not care, he was past caring; but submit to the indignity of a flogging at his age he would not.
  • He often honoured me, as well as other boys, with marks of his notice; and saved me once a flogging for fighting with a young gentleman.

Definition of Flogging

present participle of flog | Infliction of punishment by dealing blows or whipping.

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