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  • A literal flood of abuse.
  • Emily burst into a passionate flood of tears.
  • A flood of sympathy bore them together.
  • The flood was coming with fearful velocity.
  • And now Bert noted that the force of the flood was abating.
  • A flood is like those serpents which fascinate before they strike.
  • See him now deeply buried in a golden flood of marsh marigolds!
  • In some way he must reach the shore before the flood turned back.
  • For nearly an hour this pure flood of harmony flowed through my penitent soul.
  • That over the wounds and anguish The easeful flood might roll?
  • The flood film was widely advertised and put on that Thursday night.
  • In the Story of the Flood we are introduced to Indian marriage.

How To Use Flood In A Sentence?

  • Those who stand in their way and pretend to help them with a flood of words are a host.
  • Life appeared suddenly to open wide her gates and flood him with her rosy light.
  • It was a most lovely night; there was a flood of moonlight poured out upon land and sea.
  • One year the hail destroyed everything; another time the flood carried away all we had.
  • And farther down, where the flood had come at midnight, it had swept away many lives.
  • The time was fearfully short and the tumult of the coming flood was like the thunder of Niagara.
  • But the flood followed him, roaring, and boiling, and heaving, in its onward rush.
  • The gods have plainly emptied all their store, On whom they've pour'd a flood of bliss at once.
  • Deucalion and his wife, Pyrrha were saved from the flood because Zeus respected their piety.
  • It was decided that Vincent should go to New York and see what could be done about the flood film.
  • At its height Little Crawling Stone, with a head of forty feet, is a choking flood of rock.
  • He had succeeded so well in his effort to drive back the flood of his passion that his life itself seemed to run with it out of his body.
  • It swept over him like a flood when he entered the spacious ball-room and gazed upon the dazzling scene before him.
  • But this was only the beginning of the growth period, the first trickle of the coming flood of mechanical power.
  • They were right in the path of the onrushing flood and would be swept away like so many houses of cards.
  • His last conscious glance before the flood overwhelmed him had shown him a number who had not yet reached the higher ground.
  • He was silent as an image, but his men roared like a river in flood and he made no effort to check them.
  • Eeeetoy said he would escape the flood by getting into the vessel he was making from the gum of the grease bushes or ser-quoy.
  • It glided towards the window and with a click and a scrape let in the full flood of light which smote my aching eyeballs painfully.
  • As a rule such a remark would have led to a flood of tearful and affectionate reminiscences, but this old lady was laconic.
  • I assume that their flood was a real event, but a local one, and the greater part of the people destroyed by it.
  • The python was a monstrous serpent which arose from the mud left after the flood in which Deucalion survived.
  • The moonlight poured its silver flood upon the floor, and in the distance the forms of a few trees stood out against the dark purple sky.
  • As far, in many directions, as the eye could reach the waters spread yellow in the flood of sunshine across the lowlands.
  • Even while he lay there, bereft of strength and worn out with struggle, the flood reached its limit, paused a moment and then rushed back.
  • The flood film covered a national disaster in which a large section of the West had been inundated, causing immense loss to life and property.
  • A fresh flood of questions was upon Helen's lips, but Philippa brushed her away.
  • With a flood of high-sounding words, he swore to respect my wish, until I myself changed, which he expected sooner or later from my generous heart.

Definition of Flood

To overflow, as by water from excessive rainfall. | To cover or partly fill as if by a flood. | (figuratively) To provide (someone or something) with a larger number or quantity of something than can easily be dealt with.
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