Floodgates In A Sentence

How To Use Floodgates In A Sentence?

  • The floodgates were down and the torrent of long repressed fury was rushing on the accused.
  • But now all that protection and help was gone; the floodgates were loosened again.
  • Why should it have come now, like floodgates opened against his will, to overwhelm him?
  • The floodgates of sentiment might burst asunder now with the slightest word uttered that was not strictly commonplace.
  • In a twinkling the floodgates of speechifying burst open; the debates touched every aspect of the question.
  • The continuance of the present administration will, if accomplished, open wide all the floodgates of corruption.
  • Then the floodgates of Paul's numbed soul were opened, a great sob rose in his breast.
  • And even as she spoke the floodgates were opened, and all the passionate woman spoke: "I love you!
  • When in 1794 the Convention declared the abolition of slavery in the colonies of the Republic, the floodgates of insurrection were opened.
  • Gottlieb could, I believe, have wrung tears from a lump of pig iron, and his own capacity to open the floodgates of emotion was phenomenal.
  • It seemed as if the very floodgates of a noisy, bubbling stream had been torn asunder, and a whirlpool of chattering women been let loose upon the earth.
  • When a keg of hard cider is flowing freely the grim fishermen forget their taciturnity, the ice is melted from their speech, and the floodgates of their souls pour forth.
  • He wanted to think and dream, as all youth desires to think and dream, when the floodgates of sex are opened, and it finds itself caught in the first rush of its tide.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Floodgates | Floodgates Sentence

  • The floodgates of my mind, my inspiration, broke loose.
  • They go no further, but their very tendencies open all the floodgates of hell.
  • Pain had loosened the floodgates of my tears and I let them flow.

Definition of Floodgates

plural of floodgate
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