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  • The flopping and coughing ceased.
  • The second of his ruddy mess was flopping in the grass.
  • She came straight to him in spite of all the flopping trappings.
  • The little fellow was standing, head drooping, ears flopping beside the grave.
  • I saw Old Whitehead standing in the shallows and flopping about the trap.
  • Ben glimpsed the monkey's head flopping limp, and the spidery arms.

How To Use Flopping In A Sentence?

  • She shook the flopping fish off the hook into a basket and then hung the basket outside the door.
  • The powerful fumes soon overpowered them, and they came flopping down the trees one by one.
  • She gave one glance into it, and incontinently went into hysterics, flopping down where she stood.
  • They looked, and looked, and looked; listened for its beating and flopping against the ground.
  • Hardly had it hit the water before something grabbed it, and Charley drew forth a flopping fish.
  • The silence was complete save for the flopping of the torn canvas that had been fastened over a hoist.
  • The sail was thrashing and flopping in the wind, the vessel rolling her rails under as the squall struck her.
  • Another, with a mischievous laugh, whisked out her handkerchief and in a flash had twisted it into a rabbit with flopping ears.
  • We sat on a red plush sofa while a truly affable young man kept flopping the sheets of samples over the back of an easel.
  • And he clapped his hands as the small figure bobbed out of sight, with her long, black pigtail flopping this way and that.
  • The Sunday attire of the men consists of black calico coats down to the heels, and flopping black trousers.
  • I noticed, too, that the wind had risen, although very little seemed to penetrate the apartment, the curtains only flopping gently in the draught.
  • One by one, the old prospector handed up the bacon rinds and biscuits to him and Peter chewed sedately, flopping his ears back and forth.
  • Under this the sea was dazzlingly white, and then in front of that it was a curious green-black, and it was tossing and flopping about as if it did not know what to be at.
  • The pigs of lead, a keg of powder and bundles of stones were wrapped in pieces of old skins to give weight to the packs to keep them from flopping at every step of the mules.
  • To witness this girl sewing on a loose button, flopping the coat about on her knees, tickled his ironic sense of humour; and laughter bubbled into his throat.

Definition of Flopping

present participle of flop | The motion of something that flops.
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