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  • His complexion is florid and his manners affable.
  • He had fair hair and a florid complexion.
  • A flush spread over his already florid cheeks.
  • His florid cheek paled a little at the sight of her.
  • Her florid face had turned perfectly white.
  • I do not think the subject merits so many florid speeches.
  • A florid face and auburn hair call for blue.
  • Her florid face flushed a deeper red, but he had gone.
  • They are the two principal examples of this florid Gothic.
  • His whole manner was a trifle florid and Georgian.
  • The florid face of the English captain grew redder.
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  • Lovell's florid face paled.
  • The man's face was less florid than before.
  • For the anemic and the florid vices need very different treatment.
  • The florid merchant by his side looked mean and common compared with him.
  • This was a man with a broad, florid face and brown side-whiskers.
  • He was a florid man of thirty, with tow-coloured hair and blue eyes.
  • It was a semi-legal florid document, sealed with a bit of rope and tar.
  • He was a thick, florid man with blue eyes lit by a humourous twinkle.
  • His big, florid face was a trifle solemn, and he spoke quietly for him.
  • He was a handsome, florid man, with a short nose and sparkling eyes.
  • The Major's florid face fell.
  • More florid and less majestic forms mark the era of the Ptolemies.

How To Use Florid In A Sentence?

  • It was written in the same kind of cipher as the other and in the same florid terms.
  • Nevertheless, some student will rush on to florid exercises before he can master this exercise.
  • The florid old gentleman took a seat in front of them and continued to fan himself.
  • His fierce moustaches and his florid colour no longer hid his weakness of moral fibre.
  • Nevertheless, doubt was mingled with determination in his florid face as he rang the bell.
  • Physically he was big and stout, with a florid face and small eyes that blinked continually.
  • Darker grew his florid countenance; his bulging eyes looked troubled and perplexed.
  • Most of these figures are of small size, and suggest a florid and detailed style of adornment.
  • His florid face was flushed now with hot anger, and he drank his wine in big gulps.
  • He spoke in a high and quick tone, expressing in florid terms his admiration of the scenery.
  • From that time the Rossini music was marked by its florid and brilliant embroidery.
  • This is the cooking-wench florid and fat of the dame with the crumpled hat, &c.

Definition of Florid

Having a rosy or pale red colour; ruddy. | Elaborately ornate; flowery. | (of a disorder, especially mental) In a blatant, vivid, or highly disorganized state.
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