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  • You can talk about the flory and fauny, with long shanks, but don't let me hear anything else out of you," such was the Captain's ultimatum.
  • A few miles further to the north is Combe Flory, the pleasant parsonage which Sidney Smith made so gay, even binding his books, and theological books at that, in brightest colours.
  • On the topmost tower was of course planted the ensign of the owner, and that ensign was no other than the regal ruddy Lion of Scotland, ramping on his gold field within his tressure fiery and counter flory, but surmounted by a label divided into twelve, and placed upon a pen-noncel, or triangular piece of silk.
  • The arms originally were: Argent a cross formee flory gu.; but changed on the marriage of Sir William Trussell of Mershton, co. Northampton, with Rose, daughter and heiress to William Pantolph, Lord of Cubbleston, who bore, Argent a fret gu.
  • The sinister supporter of the Marquess of Dufferin and Ava is _an heraldic tigre ermine, gorged with a tressure flory counter flory or_.
  • R90398, 7Feb52, Charles F. Brooks (A) BROOKS, CHARLES S. A thread of the English road; with pictures of Julia McCune Flory.
  • Her precautions were useless, for Fanny was awake; looking at Florence, she said, "Oh, Flory, you naughty girl,
  • , three lions _passant_, or, for England; on the second, or, a lion _rampant_ within a double _tressure flory counter flory_, _gules_, for Scotland; on the third, azure, a harp, _or_, stringed _argent_, for Ireland; on the fourth?--well!--why the fourth field should have been charged with specimens from a pack of cards, Alexander Blooker did not know.
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