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  • And then he had flouted it.
  • Why had fortune flouted her!
  • Never before had mortal woman so flouted him.
  • You flouted every charge made against him.
  • They frivolously flouted all truth and research.
  • You are ten times the man you were when she flouted you.
  • At another time he might have flouted the girl.
  • A life that flouted life with mop and mow!
  • He had flouted her caprice....
  • He, flouted and scorned and played with by a girl!
  • The strange girl had insulted and flouted Ford, too.
  • The godliness that hitherto had stalked unchecked was flouted into seclusion.
  • I began to fancy that even the women-servants flouted at me.
  • He had flouted the critics, the dramatic departments of all the papers.
  • I could sooner have dallied with and flouted a supreme work of art.
  • Even Brum JOEY, Who flouted me once will acknowledge that fact.

How To Use Flouted In A Sentence?

  • His scruples were scoffed at, and he was shamelessly flouted by some borrowers whom he offended.
  • Had this proposition come a few years before, the proud painter would have flouted it.
  • After the concert, when she had sung as pretty as a bird, how they had flouted her.
  • Louisa Harris felt that convention must be flouted and social duties could not be fulfilled.
  • I had flouted at imagination, but now every howling dog became an Indian raising the death cry.
  • This answer displeased the tiger greatly, for he felt that his authority was being flouted before his friends.
  • Vast masses of vapor were on the march, under the coercion of the blast that followed fast and scourged and flouted the laggards.
  • Tommy was honestly anxious to save Grizel the pain of thinking that she had flouted a man who loved her.
  • As he sat at breakfast, savage and brooding, craving for the girl who had flouted him, one of his servants entered.
  • He hates an author; he hated the Professor at sight, and flouted when he learned that the scholar had brought a book.
  • It was a raw spring day when we came to Chicago, the promise of the season in the sun, denied and flouted by the wind.
  • But the Cynics, to show their indifference, flouted public opinion, and gave frequent and disgusting exhibitions of indecency.
  • Jean in especial flouted him with all the sharpness and pertness of which she was capable; but do what she would, he received it all with a smiling indifference and civility which exasperated her all the more.
  • In his youthful spiritual anarchy he had flouted them openly; they made no claim upon his attention now, except where Nella-Rose was concerned.
  • The mystery of earth and heaven might be interpreted, but always in terms of science; yet he did not fancy the superior manner in which this charlatan flouted the supernatural.
  • His companions that flouted him before, now envy him, when they see him come ready for scarlet, whilst themselves lye musty in their old clothes and colleges.
  • The whisper of her silks, the remembered gleam of jewels in the henna hair flouted that thought, and not troubling his ingenuity with alternatives he was content to follow her swift steps.

Definition of Flouted

simple past tense and past participle of flout
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