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  • See it flow to every cell of your body.
  • They come of themselves, as the waters flow to it.
  • The brooks flow to the rivers and the rivers to the sea.
  • The railways did not flow to the ocean for the interchange of commerce.
  • Numerous smaller streams flow to the coast on both north and south.
  • Her breath came back in measured flow to her lips, moist and refreshing.
  • And the waters flow to music Like a tune with pleasant words.
  • Oh! hush the song, and let her tears Flow to the dream of her early years!
  • As from the mountain's breast they flow To moisten Flora's lip!
  • That I might flow to him--to him!

How To Use Flow To In A Sentence?

  • If the blood is not changed in the lungs, it will not flow to the pulmonary veins.
  • Even when the parties are available and agree to share, the benefits may not flow to all equally.
  • I now more evidently know; Making the careful moments flow To happy music!
  • Who deals their course unvaried till it falleth, In rhythmic flow to music's measur'd tone?
  • This flow to and from the great centre of population was incessant, and extended to the furthermost parts of the land.
  • If the earth should cease to attract its waters to itself all the waters of the sea would he raised and would flow to the body of the moon.
  • When the heart stops we die, because the blood can no longer flow to carry food and oxygen to the hungry tissues.
  • Invalid because Water does not flow to the tops of mountains, but ascends thither in the form of vapors.
  • In this still, very still quietness, all things can flow to you, for your mind is open and receptive to the higher knowledge.
  • The next day the flood-tide of the Jenkins's fortunes bid fair to flow to fullness.
  • Its orthodoxy was without a stain; for whatever heresies might flow to the great city, no heresy had ever issued thence.
  • An additional station for seaplane and aeroplane work was established at Scapa Flow to carry out patrols over the fleet.
  • The river continued to flow to the southward, a circumstance that gave me much satisfaction, for I now began to feel some anxiety about the men.
  • A drinking song, and a gay one too, that may bring back the right tone amongst us; and let wine flow to rejoice our hearts.
  • The outlet from the chamber below the siphon leads off in another direction down the hill, and has a stop-cock and a branch which will allow its flow to be diverted.
  • An inlet and outlet are provided at each end of the tank to permit the direction of the flow to be periodically reversed for the purpose of removing the lime deposit from the graphite plates.
  • The ideal debater is the man who so carries the whole subject in his mind that the facts flow to his mind as he talks, and fit into the plan of his argument without a break.
  • Each of these marble columns surrounding the inner court contains a leaden water-pipe with a faucet, so that from all at once water might flow to cool the extreme heats of summer.
  • One of the openings gave a view of the Rio Rubio, as it wound to the eastward, until its reunion and onward flow to the Atlantic.
  • He also directed that no houses should be occupied that were not situated on high ground, surrounded with slopes that would give ready flow to the water in case the deluging rain should recommence.
  • Many cold, rapid trout streams, which flow to all points of the compass, have their source in the small lakes and copious mountain springs of this region.
  • From the time we became an independent people, it was as much a law of nature that this should become our pretension, as that the Mississippi should flow to the sea.
  • There is an even flow to the narrative which indicates to us that the knowledge of Greek sculpture is now more connected, and that many gaps have been filled in the list during a few years.
  • It should be raised off the table to a convenient height, thus saving the worker from stooping over her frame, which tires the eyes, and causes the blood to flow to the head.
  • There is a great portion of it which can not flow to the southward or eastward toward the sea, as the whole country consists, in those directions, of continuous tracts of elevated land.
  • They flow to adjust themselves to changed conditions, but as the crust cools it condenses, hardens, and cracks, and occasionally the tremendous energy inside is manifested on the surface.
  • Very steep, and very springy hill sides, sometimes require very frequent drains to catch the water which has a tendency to flow to the surface; this, however, rarely occurs.
  • The marble bore the stain of wine, and where it had flowed, the slabs were broken in two places, perhaps from the violence of the struggle of those who saw the liquid flow, to wet each one his own parched lips.
  • A little further on a fine opening reveals Deer Creek, through which the waters of Watson Lake flow to the Truckee.
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