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  • Speak with fluency and argument.
  • He lacks not fluency but accuracy.
  • It takes years to acquire fluency in a language.
  • Finally he poured forth a great fluency of speech.
  • But fluency is, to most (it would seem) the easier course.
  • You can tell he was a gentleman once by the fluency of his cussing.
  • The fluency and gusto with which he related these sordid details amazed me.
  • He seemed to have lost his usual fluency and presence of mind.
  • Also it discusses local affairs with fluency and more or less point.
  • Her natural fluency asserted itself and appeared to fine advantage.
  • Clare thought his fluency developed very quickly when he spoke to her mother.
  • Dick felt rather proud of this, its fluency and general appositeness.
  • He resented his youth, his ease of manner, his fluency in the common tongue.
  • You observe the fluency and ease with which I say "second girl.

How To Use Fluency In A Sentence?

  • He was holding forth with all the fluency of a man who talks well and likes to exert his talent.
  • Those whose fluency was not hampered by their feelings, relieved their minds by cursing.
  • The man with no ear must not hope to be a musician, nor the man with no fluency a letter-writer.
  • This shows great fluency and versatility, it is true, but we need something else.
  • His manner, his voice, his diction, his fluency were alike the subject of praise.
  • This new manner of painting permitted him a greater subtlety and fluency than Courbet possessed.
  • The violin taught me the need for perfect intonation, fluency in execution, ever so many things.
  • Wargrave marvelled at the ease and fluency with which Colonel Dermot spoke the language.
  • And Mulvaney went; cursing his allies with Irish fluency and barrack-room point.
  • FADELL is no great orator, though he can speak with some fluency to a point of order.
  • His greatest fluency was in the use of separated hachures of rich greyish colour on neutral backgrounds.
  • In other words, he did not have great enough fluency to permit only the highest qualities of his art to be felt.
  • He was silent and serious, as if wishing to make amends by his lack of words for the fluency of his wife and daughter.
  • With all that, he rejoiced in a delightful fluency of speech, conveying quaint and original thought.
  • His canvases since 1905 are the first in which we feel the fluency and power which come only after a slow and sedulous process of osmosis.
  • When his technic is sufficiently great it permits him to speak with fluency and self-expression, enhancing the value of his work a thousandfold.
  • The author has keen powers of observation and fluency in description, and has put on record much that other travellers fail to mention.
  • And those quirky, idle noises this pen makes are delightful, and would break your easy fluency with wit.
  • This delay had not been without advantages, perhaps the chief of which was a fluency in French that many of his men were able to acquire.
  • The minister's fluency was gone; he was very pale, and it was Bigot who in the end spoke for both.
  • And then, quite suddenly, he recalled the past career of this outraged mother, with her righteous indignation; and fluency returned to him.
  • Fletcher himself, the acknowledged master of the style here adopted by Middleton, has left no finer example of metrical fluency and melodious ease.
  • Because of the natural fluency I have mentioned, I devoted most of my time to slower exercises at first.
  • So soon as our eyes met, he drew near and addressed me in the French language, which he spoke with a good fluency but an abominable accent.
  • The regulations of the court room considerably hampered Mr. Cadwaller's fluency of speech.
  • His style was fluent, but not of that fluency which comes of redundant words and phrases, for I have never listened to one so terse and vigorous.

Definition of Fluency

The quality of smoothness of flow | (linguistics) The quality of being fluent in a language; A person's command of a particular language. | The quality of consistently applying skill correctly in the manner of one well-practiced at it, requiring little deliberate thought to perform without mistakes
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