Fluttered In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fluttered | Fluttered Sentence

  • He fluttered about her.
  • A few snowflakes fluttered down.
  • Banners fluttered around him.
  • Down fluttered another.
  • His hat fluttered off into the road.
  • She fluttered to the door of the conservatory.
  • Ideas fluttered away just out of reach.
  • Something fluttered from a window to the ground.
  • Every bosom fluttered with anxiety.
  • Her voice fluttered and died.
  • Her colour fluttered a little.
  • They fluttered through the air to the ground.
  • The draught fluttered the pages about.
  • Edith fluttered toward him in alarm.
  • The sheet fluttered to the floor.
  • It fluttered across his path.
  • If her heart fluttered there was no sign of it.
  • It fluttered and failed for breath.
  • She fluttered her hand to him demonstratively.
  • The colour fluttered in her cheek.
  • Her heart fluttered and missed a beat.
  • For her arch smile fluttered over her lips.
  • Her eyelids fluttered over an unstifled moistness.
  • Suddenly the red dress fluttered before his eyes again.
  • The grimy hands fluttered and sank.
  • And in his rough grasp it fluttered and died.
  • The cilia fluttered about its spherical body.
  • The lids slowly fluttered down to closing.
  • A terrible hope fluttered past him.
  • And fluttered an audible answer at last.
  • Sluggishly in my dead frame fluttered a something.
  • Ann fluttered past the open door.
  • A scrap of white paper fluttered past them.
  • A glance, and it fluttered to the table.
  • Mills leaped and fluttered like a hurt sparrow.

How To Use Fluttered In A Sentence?

  • His eyelids fluttered and his lips worked slightly.
  • A faint colour fluttered in his leaden cheek.
  • The lids of the big eyes fluttered and lifted.
  • Her small hand fluttered down upon his arm.
  • Her eyelids fluttered upwards for a fraction of a second.

Definition of Fluttered

simple past tense and past participle of flutter
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