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  • Amos threw the flyer up.
  • It was too small to be a flyer of any sort.
  • The horse was a flyer and no mistake.
  • Did Hanley have an invisible flyer out there?
  • But Ruth had known who that lone flyer must be.
  • De Boer's flyer was outside.
  • They said the High flyer wasn't big enough for me.
  • Their altitude, the flyer knew, was still many thousands of feet.
  • Suddenly my boy woke me up, saying an English flyer had just passed.
  • He had managed to get here from Asia by stealing a flyer in Leningrad.
  • He's ten points flyer than Master Stanley Fyles.

How To Use Flyer In A Sentence?

  • And then the flyer saw the measures compared with the dimensions of a steel cage.
  • The most beautiful flyer we ever see against our skies is the unsavory buzzard.
  • But it was a long-range ship with greater cruising power than the other flyer he had seen.
  • The alien flyer could not land here, not without coming down flat upon the flitter.
  • Below him on the dry Flat he saw the pale shadow of his flyer skimming across the dust.
  • There's some say that Jimmie is the greatest flyer of them all, but he says he isn't.
  • A born commander who cannot fly is likely to have a better squadron than a born flyer who cannot command.
  • If the strange flyer reported by the merpeople was beside it, he could not distinguish it from this distance.
  • Everybody knew that this was one flyer who always got places when he said he'd get there.
  • Even the procedure of instructing the traffic officers to ignore one flyer would have attracted more attention than he wanted.
  • Sudden currents of air were tricky here, and he had to be constantly alert to hold the small flyer on an even keel.
  • The light of his plane slanted down in an easy descent; the flyer was gliding in on a long aerial toboggan slide.
  • There was a hissing order, and two figures from the corner sprang forward to seize the flyer with long clinging fingers.
  • But even as he finished speaking the image on the screen jolted and rocked, and the flyer dipped even closer toward the jumbled ruins below.
  • In fact I ought to take the five o'clock flyer west to-morrow afternoon to keep up with my dates.
  • Later on the English got finer ones such as were used in Savoy and these not only had a spindle but a flyer and bobbin.
  • There was something unnatural about the country, and with every mile the flyer clocked off, Raf longed to be heading in the opposite direction.
  • This flyer coils the twisted material upon a wooden tube (D) in close-wound spirals and in successive layers.
  • Thus it was such a flyer that the contrast between it and the freight, which always had to get out of the way, was as great as that between a thoroughbred racer and a farm-horse.
  • Here the sliver terminates because the rotary action of the flyer imparts a little twist and causes the material to assume a somewhat circular sectional form.
  • She waded swiftly out into the water until it became too deep for her to stand and then swam out to the wrecked machine, in the clutches of which the unfortunate flyer was held fast.
  • His small round mouth gaped, and then his hands, with a few quick movements which Raf followed, fascinated, pantomimed a flyer in the air.
  • At each revolution of a flyer a twist was put into the attenuated roving, and the flyer wrapped as much thread upon a spool as the rollers delivered.
  • But he discovered that to coast above the ground in a flyer was far different than to hurry at the pace his companion now set across one of these narrow bridges suspended high above the street.
  • But the lean bronzed face of the flyer flushed with animation, and in spite of the terrors that must surely lie ahead he felt strangely elated at the actuality of an incredible adventure.
  • At the landing field Flight Commander Burns refueled his ships and interviewed the flyer who had flown over Oracle.
  • All this the eyes of the flyer took in at a glance; his attention was only momentarily diverted from the ashen face with eyes narrow and slitted, that stared with the cold hatred of a cat into those of the men.

Definition of Flyer

(intransitive) To distribute flyers (leaflets). | (transitive) To distribute flyers in (a location) or to (recipients). | A machine that flies.
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