Focussed In A Sentence

How To Use Focussed In A Sentence?

  • She focussed all her personality passionately to force him to answer as she wished.
  • Kenneth raised his binoculars and focussed them on a dark object in the direction indicated.
  • To measure any object subsequently it should be first focussed carefully in the ordinary way.
  • Each knew exactly what he must do, and kept his mind focussed on that performance.
  • Now, all the contradictions and confusions of the world were focussed on Golgotha.
  • The attention of France is entirely focussed on the Dreyfus affair and the Picquart trial.
  • Nancy's eyes still held their look of being focussed on something in the remote distance.
  • Just as her kiss had crystallized his feeling for her into driving desire, so it had focussed and intensified his discontent.
  • The vague discontent seemed suddenly to have become focussed in a passionate anger against this untoward stroke of fate.
  • Ballard focussed his field-glass upon the tree-dotted knoll a mile away in the centre of the upper valley.
  • The eyes focussed on him saw the tense ridges of his seamed face tighten and the gray of an awful passion settle there.
  • The attention of everybody in court was by this time focussed upon the witness, intent upon his answer.
  • And there behind the gables of the farm, an autumn sunset focussed its softness into a brilliant blaze of color.
  • Each should be a leader for the whole body, the supreme weight of which would thus be focussed upon the menaced quarter.
  • I focussed the lens on the flush-cut surface of closely-rolled leaf, and explored every part of it minutely.
  • This mirror received the rays of a lamp situated close to the head of the subject, and focussed their concentrated light on to the laryngoscope.
  • The lumber king endured that stare for a few moments, like one writhing under the torture of a focussed sun-glass.
  • All our senses were focussed in our eyes, something shining and moving we saw, and what could that be save the bayonets of the enemy?
  • We see focussed there in Paris all the motives that have ever entered into human history and all the ideals that have influenced human affairs.
  • The eyes of all three were focussed intently upon the object lying upon the table, which was a ten-foot model of a strange-looking water craft.
  • Three indignant pairs of eyes focussed themselves upon the speaker, who, however, looked blandly unconscious of giving offence.
  • Again I turned to my viewplate, which was still focussed on the central section of the Sinsing works.
  • Mrs. Butler snatched up the spy-glass again, and after considerable difficulty, and some mutterings, focussed it so as to suit her sight.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Focussed | Focussed Sentence

  • Or was it that her clairvoyance focussed itself on him?
  • God focussed to a point.
  • I raised the glasses and focussed them.
  • My every faculty was focussed upon a solitary point.
  • The eye-glass focussed the great, smiling girl.
  • He brought the knife nearer to the window and carefully focussed it.
  • Frank had his glasses focussed upon the object almost instantly.
  • Gradually she focussed more concretely this unconscious weight upon her soul.
  • The sacred places focussed the light and sprang into a new life.
  • Her whole beauty seemed to be focussed in one passionate protest.
  • He focussed his glasses on the white buildings three thousand feet below.
  • A hiss of steam focussed in a whirling, swaying mass at one point.
  • His whole thoughts focussed themselves upon Dorby and the work going on there.
  • And it was soon deftly focussed upon the owner of Forest View.
  • When he said that the others all focussed their eyes on Phil's face.
  • Dollard's eyes focussed on a trimensional photo-mural of Terra.
  • JONATHAN, whose gaze is still focussed on GEORGE.

Definition of Focussed

(Britain) Alternative spelling of focused | (Britain) simple past tense and past participle of focus
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