Foggy In A Sentence

Definition of Foggy

Obscured by mist or fog; unclear; hazy | (figuratively) Confused, befuddled, etc.

How To Use Foggy In A Sentence?

  • This foggy and rainy country furnishes the world with astronomical observations.
  • For weeks the weather has been so foggy that we began to consider ourselves as good as retired.
  • On the flickering screen the foggy outlines of a face appeared and coalesced into sharpness.
  • But somehow, somehow that foggy feller outside sort of changed my look on things.
  • Through the foggy nights, a muffled intermittent booming went on under the wild scurrying stars.
  • We had no gas, the building seemed full of a foggy mist, and was imperfectly lit with candles.
  • The night was foggy and dark, so that her progress, to be safe, was necessarily slow.
  • Mr. Gibney lying prone upon the deck with a gory face upturned to the foggy skies.
  • Before us is the dark and dreary autumn; it is a far cry to the foggy joys of Christmas.
  • Around Lukin they have a sort of foggy fear of the valley, bad medicine, they call it.
  • Jim, with Clem and Anton beside him, stood on the foc's'le head, gazing into the foggy distance.
  • The atmosphere was somewhat foggy at the time, and it seemed as if the icebergs chilled the very air we breathed.
  • The ability to determine the direction from which the signal comes is especially valuable in navigating difficult channels in foggy weather.
  • Prale removed his cap, and a mist came into his eyes that did not come from the foggy billows through which the ship was plowing.
  • I have a foggy kind of remembrance of locking my mitten clamps fast onto that rail while the rest of me streamed out in the air like a burgee.
  • Even the dark, foggy days, that seemed so uncomfortable at the time, were spoken of now with pleasure.
  • The story grew out of questions asked before breakfast on foggy days, and was originally told to the sound of the distant fog horns.
  • Evening drew down, a foggy evening, with a mist so dense that the faint gleam of what was almost the midnight sun failed to pierce it.
  • Thanks to this, he might now disperse the gloom of dark and foggy nights, and keep up a better signal in the dark than he could do in the light.
  • Jeanne coughed a little every autumn, for the narrow valley through which the river wound, grew foggy for five months.
  • It was foggy again this morning, but the sunlight filtered through the gray mist, lending warmth and color and promise of better things.
  • The air was raw and foggy when we turned out-of-doors, and it was so dark still that we could scarcely discern the outline of the walls and houses.
  • They had gone but a few hundred yards; yet the fire was already merely a shapeless, red smudge on the foggy blackness behind them.
  • A dusky haze from the damp foggy atmosphere rendered objects ill-defined, indistinct, almost terrific to an excited imagination.
  • He was walking home from the House on a foggy night, and was knocked down by a taxi, and slightly injured.
  • They were near the door opening to the illumined garden, with its late roses, now at their best, and hydrangea clumps plumed in foggy bloom.
  • He who quaffs champagne at dinner, save on a foggy day, is unworthy of God's gifts.
  • The dismal little room seemed suddenly illumined; the smoky court, the smutty-tree, the brown opposite foggy houses were radiant.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Foggy | Foggy Sentence

  • It was still very foggy and damp.
  • It is so foggy that they are afraid of losing themselves.
  • There is too much foggy thinking in the world already.
  • This morning very foggy and a great deal of dew.
  • The early, foggy morning revealed the freshet.
  • The morning dawned foggy, and foggy the day ended.
  • The day was a foggy one, and they were both rather in a hurry.
  • She got up again presently, dressed, and sat by the foggy window.
  • In case the pirates should attack Our bedroom on that foggy night.
  • Swathed in a white wool bernous, Nihla stood there in the foggy moonlight.
  • We had passed a man in the foggy courtyard, and Raffles had nipped my arm.
  • I think I dance better here in your cold, foggy city than in Madrid.

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