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  • But she will have other foibles in place of it.
  • He knew the foibles of his employer.
  • His foibles interest her more than his virtues.
  • She had, indeed, great foibles and weaknesses.
  • In her attention to his foibles she is liable to overlook his sins.
  • He does not spare the various foibles and vices of his countrymen and women.
  • Nothing could be more pernicious than making the foibles of a minister sacred.
  • He could not stoop to talk with other men about the foibles of his wife.
  • I dote upon their waywardness, Their foibles and their follies.

How To Use Foibles In A Sentence?

  • Did a father ever bear more patiently with the foibles and imperfections of his children?
  • And maiden and matron still claim their insular exemption from the foibles of their sex.
  • It was only yesterday that for him also the foibles of Generals had been sacred.
  • Whatever faults or foibles might be ascribed to Miss Elliot, she was no faddist.
  • How much do I regret now, that I should have allowed his few little foibles to annoy me.
  • Still she may love and yet be able to see his foibles and failings clearly; thousands of women do this.
  • In the character of Hopkins all the foibles and vanities of the literary nature are exemplified in the most mirthful manner.
  • It is, however, full of the same gentle humor and keen analyses of the follies and foibles of human kind.
  • Have to your wedded husband a lover of women, full of foibles and weaknesses, a man who understands and appreciates women.
  • If the candid creature who so glibly tells of our foibles knew when to hold his tongue, how much less strong our impulse to slap him would be.
  • He has never given way to her charms, he has never felt her influence, he has never learned to smile kindly at her little foibles and fads.
  • A new literary language took form and shape, Russian satire began to deride the foibles and the shortcomings of society.
  • He encouraged the queen of Angouleme in foibles bred of the soil; he brought her all the newest books; he read aloud the poetry that appeared.
  • The lawyer laughs over a little gentle fun when it is poked at his neighbor the vicar, and the parson has his amusement out of the exposure of the foibles of his friend the attorney.
  • Nor is the conception one that figures only in the writings of philosophers and therefore to be regarded with contemptuous indulgence by men of affairs as but one of the strange harmless foibles of such persons.
  • In realizing that genius is apt among its other foibles to be over self-conscious, we should be careful not to confound conceit with vanity, to which it is so nearly allied.
  • In starting out on the conquest of the Blue Goose, Hartwell acted on an erroneous concept of the foibles of humanity.
  • Our foibles and follies and false appearances are, after all, wretchedly insincere, and surely the enemies of a smart woman are the bitterest in the world.
  • There was more outward respect for the authorities, and among the younger men, graduates and undergraduates, more inward amusement at foibles and eccentricities.
  • A few foibles excepted in the character of Sir James, I find he possesses all the good qualities of his ancestors.
  • She had a lively perception of the foibles of others, and no reverence for her seniors, whom she thought dull, cautious, and ridiculously amenable by commonplaces.
  • She was vain of her person and fond of admiration, foibles which never left her, and hence her dress in every season of life was too youthful for her age and sometimes even ridiculous.
  • He drew cartoons dealing with banal subjects, touching with the gentle satire of his humorous pencil foibles which all the world agreed about, and let vital questions alone.

Definition of Foibles

plural of foible
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