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  • I have foisted on him my quarrel.
  • Illegitimate children have been foisted upon him.

How To Use Foisted In A Sentence?

  • Novels by unknown authors are virtually foisted upon the public by certain book publishers.
  • He turned and surveyed the multitude, including the black boy, that we had foisted upon him.
  • I blushed to think how often I had suffered myself to be foisted into it by her already.
  • By fraudulent collusion with the city authorities they foisted much of the expense upon the taxpayers.
  • His code was noblesse oblige and he privately damned it as a superstition foisted upon him by his ancestors.
  • They had no faith to inspire them; the religion foisted upon them was repugnant to their consciences and minds.
  • They were even worse than the ordinary run of equine rubbish usually foisted on the millionaire whose ambition it is to figure as a patron of the turf.
  • Truly did a politician of renown exclaim a year later that no unhappier, because no more unfortunate, maxim was ever foisted upon or accepted by a patriotic people.
  • In logic and psychology, signs and language are usually foisted in somewhere as an appendix, without any trouble being taken to display their necessity and systematic place in the economy of intelligence.

Definition of Foisted

simple past tense and past participle of foist
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