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  • Above and around, the spandrels are filled with beautiful foliage most boldly undercut.
  • But how green it looked, and how intensely it threw the thinner foliage into relief.
  • She rested against the tree trunk, gazing through the nearer foliage at the rushing river.
  • An avenue of dadap trees skirts the shore, with varied foliage of amber and carmine.
  • A soft trill, faint with rapture, filtered through the foliage of the neighbouring wood.
  • It was a taxi, its lamps extinguished, broken branches and crushed foliage marking its track.
  • Through the maze of boughs and foliage the Prince could see a beautiful maiden.
  • Through the foliage he perceived and recognised Mezrimbi, his father, and the mutes.
  • Where tangled foliage shrouds the crying bird, And the remote winds sigh, and waters flow!
  • Another hypothesis is that development of the curly grain is dependent upon the foliage of the tree.
  • Possibly the foliage of the original variety producing the curly character is necessary to produce the curly grain.
  • He got off his horse and cut away with some difficulty enough of the curtaining foliage to allow an easy passage through.
  • Round about the house stood pine trees, through the sombre foliage of which the evening star shimmered faintly.
  • Looking up, he could scarcely see the sky, so thick was the tracery of foliage between him and the heavens.
  • I dreamed of you sometimes as a huntress nymph gleaming white through the foliage and throwing this arrow like a dart straight at my heart.
  • The mass of rock and foliage are quite out of character with the bit of tame village scene, and the hideous figures.
  • The foliage of the third group of capitals on the north side consists of a single leaf which runs horizontally round the caps.
  • The canopy, with its crockets and pinnacles, and the quatrefoils of carved foliage in its gables are worthy of attention.
  • Suddenly a mighty wind bent the tops of the trees, making the boughs crack and the battered foliage moan.
  • The foliage of the oak is already assuming a bright chestnut, though the leaves will remain throughout the year.
  • This alarmed him somewhat, for whoever the great black hand belonged to was concealed by the thick bushes and their foliage from his view.
  • Thousands of happy songsters carolled gaily among their branches, or hid themselves in the dense foliage of their wide-spreading arms.
  • Cuttings from trees with pale or brown foliage, or with foliage tending to be brittle from lack of water soon lost their leaves.
  • These trees leaf-out a month earlier than the Carpathians yet the foliage has only been partially frost injured once.
  • The wide foliage of the maple tree, beneath which she sat, sheltered her bare head from the burning noonday sun.
  • A rudely-paved and mossy path, shadowed by the black foliage of stately casuarinas, leads into the gloomy jungle.
  • He peered into the bush searching for the nest, but the foliage was dense, and though he groped the boughs aside he could discover no signs of it.
  • Mr. Larkin took a room in a clapboarded cottage which stared at other clapboarded cottages through the foliage of locust trees.
  • Now, for the first time, he realized that the crest of the tree had a vast overhang of foliage on one side, and mighty misshapen limbs.
  • The McKinster tree may be viewed in the accompanying illustrations which show it without foliage and with foliage.
  • I can see the blue clusters of wild grapes hanging amongst the foliage of the saplings, and I remember the taste of them and the smell.
  • This has been demonstrated to be true in instances where the foliage of fruit plants determines the characteristics of the growth of the trunk and roots and of the fruit itself.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Foliage | Foliage Sentence

  • Their foliage was so dense that progress was difficult.
  • First I must add foliage in the foreground.
  • He had driven his way through the overhanging foliage of the river.
  • The very light which filters through the dense foliage is tinged with green.
  • It showed not a gleam of light through the thin foliage of its trees.
  • Down the trail a perfect vista of riotous foliage opened out before her eyes.
  • A great dull yellow light was gleaming through the foliage ahead.
  • Pushing the thick foliage aside, he made his way into the centre of the clump.

Definition of Foliage

The leaves of plants. | (short for) Fall foliage. | An architectural ornament representing foliage.
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