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  • In obedience to this many passages in the Folios have been altered with an over-scrupulous care.
  • Such poems are worth folios of the erudite and stilted pages which are now so rapidly pouring their scoria around us.
  • It contains fifty-seven illuminations and several folios of violet parchment with golden ornaments and lettering.
  • His chair was surrounded by folios and quartos, piled upon the floor, and his table was covered with books and manuscripts.
  • His chair was surrounded by folios and quartos, piled upon the floor, and his table was covered with books and manuscripts.
  • The methodical police-sergeant laid some neatly docketed folios on the table near the map, and sat down for the first time since entering the room.
  • He brought out the folios which were his orders, covering each of the planets he should give a standard Medical Service inspection.
  • When no authority is given for the reading in the text, it is to be understood that it is derived from such of the Folios as are not subsequently mentioned.
  • Those references which we know to belong to large headings can be entered on the folios in the alphabetical guard-book, and the rest can be written straight through on the separate leaves.
  • It is one of those uninviting bulky folios of which the reigns of James and Charles I. furnish us with so many specimens.
  • There appeared no hope of either mounting to the better world on a Gothic staircase of ancient folios or of flying thither on the wings of a modern tract.
  • A few of the books were Latin folios written by Catholic authors; others demolished papistry as with a sledgehammer, in plain English.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Folios | Folios Sentence

  • Portions of these folios have been printed.
  • All these are handsome folios with copperplate engravings.
  • All the books within my reach were folios of the gravest cast.
  • There were forty-eight folios and one hundred and twenty-one octavos.
  • O for the power to drop ten atlas folios in a pile upon their heads!

Definition of Folios

plural of folio
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