Follow Up In A Sentence

Definition of Follow Up

To take further actions remaining after an event; to continue, revisit, or persist; especially, to maintain communication.

How To Use Follow Up In A Sentence?

  • And now it became the custom to follow up a harrowing tragedy with a most broadly comic epilogue.
  • Far from helping to follow up the trail, these identifications only cross and confuse it.
  • He had been called to the bar since then, but had never pretended to follow up the profession.
  • The chief harangued his braves, and prepared to follow up the attack next day.
  • Just one such blow, to follow up his victory, and perhaps they should need no more!
  • I have but opened to you paths, which you, if you are so minded, can follow up for yourselves.
  • The millions for Versailles were obtained in ways too devious and lengthy to follow up here.
  • The boar, too, though eager to follow up his triumph, durst not venture the descent.
  • He had probably employed some one to follow up the Splash, and then returned to the house.
  • Mr. Brabazon felt that he had the best of the position, and determined to follow up his triumph.
  • Let us, therefore, follow up the problem of the "origin of language" a little farther.
  • We must leave the career of Douglas for a while, to follow up the personal history of Lincoln.
  • The Austrian army extended its wings on the right and on the left, to follow up the French.
  • Prepared as he was to attack them by the morning light, he was ready to follow up any movement which they might make.
  • I'm only curious to follow up this wonderful sermon, and trace its results on all of you.
  • To persist in urging his suit or to follow up the lady with marked attentions would be in the worst possible taste.
  • It would take us much too far to follow up in detail all the celestial bodies that come into existence.
  • The SSC/MAC is responsible for the testing and follow up to restoration of these circuit troubles.
  • The teacher must follow up the plan, after a few days, by other measures, for those who will not yield to such inducements as these.
  • It takes no physician to diagnose his case, and death will surely mark for his own every boy and young man who will follow up the habit.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Follow Up | Follow Up Sentence

  • Should he follow up the trail at once?
  • But it did not follow up its attack.
  • Frederick did not venture to follow up his enquiries.
  • But she was thinking how to follow up her first success.
  • It was too late to follow up the discovery that night.
  • If you have time, follow up this idea.
  • You, captain, had better follow up the second.
  • But Armstrong could not follow up his success.
  • Hunt Rennie did not follow up his half accusation.
  • Jemmy and I started to follow up the creek to camp.
  • But we are too weak to follow up our victory as it should be followed up.
  • But you know just enough to want to follow up on your own hook.
  • Ted thought he would follow up his advantage and clinch the point at once.
  • I follow up this statement by an authoritative one from another quarter.
  • Was it worth while to follow up the idea of starting a cotton market?
  • But there is no need to follow up this parallel, which is not my object.
  • We had better return and follow up the course of the river where we left it.
  • Fate, at thy slightest word, is ready to follow up thy wrath.
  • He barely saw the huge, balled fist that Yuma swung to follow up his charge.
  • The Confederates did not follow up their victory at Bull Run.

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