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  • Some of them have even accused me of fomenting some big fantastic plot against them.
  • A more ingenious and more iniquitous scheme of fomenting disunion could not be devised.
  • Bear Creek Johnson was in the van, fostering and fomenting a sentiment for violence.
  • The women who come with these ambassadors will assist in fomenting factions amongst ours, which cannot fail of extending the evil.
  • It was the first inkling they had had of a plan that had long been fomenting in Jack's mind.
  • Captain Kendall, who seems to have been active in fomenting ill feeling among his colleagues, was the first to be expelled.
  • Trinidad was then fomenting in the nearby mountains by the far-reaching fruits of his apostolic preaching, as we have mentioned worthily in another place.

Definition of Fomenting

present participle of foment
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