Fondest In A Sentence

Definition of Fondest

superlative form of fond: most fond

How To Use Fondest In A Sentence?

  • Dick and his friends were destined to go even further in the realization of their fondest hopes.
  • Thus the darling schemes and fondest hopes of man are daily frustrated by time.
  • Be that as it may, I had received a blow and my fondest illusion was shattered.
  • Every new act of kindness in this man surpassed the fondest expectation that I had formed.
  • Inez had, from infancy, clung with the fondest affection to Alcala, her only brother.
  • Happy the lover brave, when by thy kisses Thou shalt his soul enslave in fondest blisses!
  • The cannery had been in operation but a single month and already the business was exceeding his fondest expectations.
  • The Men rarely visit the Ladies, and seem, to my Mind, to be fondest of the Bottle.
  • He often stole away to look at her in her sleep, and was fondest and most loving to her when there was no one by.
  • His fondest wishes were far exceeded by the strident and tremendous clamour which continued like an unbroken peal of thunder.
  • She and her maid supported the feeble old count, and anxiously anticipated his wants with the fondest care.
  • Sung now in their exile, they brought back to each heart some recollection of the happiest scenes and fondest ties of its existence.
  • Their kindred spirits, their guardian angels then hover about them with the fondest affection, the most anxious solicitude.
  • The fondest sighs were heard amid the recitations, and the faces of lover and beloved were flushed the color of rosy flame.
  • I told the mother that I loved her daughter, and that my fondest hope was to obtain her for my wife.
  • But please tell her I drench her with her old uncle's proudest and fondest affection.
  • The most probable, and the fondest conjecture that I could indulge in, was, that he had returned home.
  • Lenz and Annele meanwhile were sitting in the garden, full of delight, and bestowing on one another the fondest caresses.
  • One fitted to be the consort of the matchless Azalia and in whom I could see my fondest desires bear fruit.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Fondest | Fondest Sentence

  • His fondest dream was realised.
  • Hers to him was conveyed by the fondest of looks.
  • How seldom do we realize our fondest desires!
  • The fondest wish of my heart is attained.
  • A woman often gets fondest of the man she fears the most.
  • To-day a word had swept away all his fondest hopes.
  • My fondest hope is that it will make you happy, too.
  • She sent fondest love, and would write by the next mail.
  • Ever your fondest of the fond, H. J.
  • You have made him all that the fondest and proudest could desire.
  • This joyous and auspicious occurrence surpassed my fondest hopes.
  • He hardly dared to believe that his fondest dream was thus realized.
  • His latest business venture had succeeded far beyond his fondest expectations.
  • With the arrest of Dock his fondest hopes had gone out in darkness.
  • And so, John's fondest hope was realized.
  • As from the fondest lover part, The plighted husband of her youth?
  • My fondest wishes still should pray For cuisle geal mo chroidhe!
  • And the fondest heart beside thee, And the truest eyes before thee.
  • But, if any man ought to have her, it's the gent that is fondest of her.
  • Oh! be that mother's fondest son, And love the land that gives you life!
  • O Poverty, Affection's fondest dream how hast thou reft!
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