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  • But she smiled fondly at him while she spoke.
  • He will often touch it fondly with his lips.
  • His mother smiled and patted him fondly on the cheek.
  • He had fondly hoped to be in the Castle long before this.
  • Oh, how fondly did I dwell on them!
  • Oh, how fondly would I dwell upon them!
  • Ah! would Nobili not recall how fondly he had clasped it?
  • As Joe looks fondly up at Bill.
  • Still I linger, fondly gazing From my window pane!
  • Ever your loving and attached father, who fondly presses you to his heart.
  • Yet Lois was not as contented as she had fondly expected to be.
  • Which in my solitude I fondly cherish'd?
  • Freddy grinned fondly at the boy and then looked his reproach at Joe.
  • Thee let me counsel To view too fondly neither sun nor stars.
  • You listen with delight, By tales of dirt and danger fondly thrilled.
  • Your loving FATHER, Who fondly embraces you.
  • And she forgave me, that I gazed Too fondly on her face!
  • To cheer our eager eyes awhile, We see thee smile, how fondly smile!
  • I fondly dream 'Had ye been there,' ... for what could that have done?
  • Myself at Troy one moment fondly wish'd, My sire's return, the next.
  • And so existence is to me a weight, Death fondly I desire, and life I hate.

How To Use Fondly In A Sentence?

  • The future he had fondly built up for both of them lay broken at his own feet.
  • She looked fondly at her husband, and this time had to look up to see his face.
  • He drew them fondly over his wet cheeks, and pressed them against his quivering lips.
  • Hast thou fondly imagined that the judgment thou didst pronounce hath profited thee?
  • Miss Mortimer, with an exclamation of joy, stretched her arms fondly towards me.
  • She used to like to come to them, and talk and laugh fondly over their old Venetian days.
  • Their eyes are filled with tenderness and tears For their dear kindred they so fondly loved....
  • There for remembrance fondly stored, And rather hungers, rather begs than spend!
  • Round the pine the rose-tree fondly twined it, As around the straw the silk clings closely.
  • Now I have survived them all, and I fondly regret the sounds of voices that are still.
  • We court your imitation: Would ye fondly love as we, We counsel separation.
  • Where er I roam, whatever realms to see, My heart untravelled fondly turns to thee.
  • Their gross exaggeration was fondly counted upon to make her appear sylphlike by comparison with the images she raised.
  • Here was an episode in his life that he fondly hoped might never come to light; he knew how it would disturb his mother.
  • This is not a weak and yielding thing, as men are so fondly prone to imagine; it is a universal and inflexible law.
  • The author had fondly imagined that the British workman stood foremost as the result of his own battles.
  • How fondly does it then embrace and cherish angelical visions, or infernal phantoms, prodigies, or miracles!
  • My wife for one," glancing down fondly upon the beautiful, graceful lady on his arm.
  • Uraschima Taro fondly assured her that nothing in the world should keep him from her, and bade her farewell.

Definition of Fondly

In a fond manner; affectionately; tenderly. | (dated) Foolishly.
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