Fooleries In A Sentence

Definition of Fooleries

plural of foolery

How To Use Fooleries In A Sentence?

  • It is one of the grossest fooleries which the wickedness of man has ever led him to commit.
  • With such cheap fooleries Tappertit had convinced himself that he was fit to be a great general.
  • One would think it should not be worth their while, to busy their heads about such Fooleries as these.
  • Hence, without doubt, it becomes necessary men should replace stale fooleries by those which are novel.
  • Its philosophic base was just as retrograde and out of season as the fooleries of the Feast of the Supreme Being.
  • Would that I were young enough to play such fooleries again, or to drink the bravest of the bottle-men under the table, as I once could!
  • While the ignorant man thus gorges his mind with fooleries and absurdities, he spurns at the discoveries of science as impositions on the credulity of mankind, and contrary to reason and common sense.
  • Discreetly he tried none of your fooleries with dieting to reduce it; some females, you know, are not very slender-necked either; he might have taken comfort in that.

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