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  • What was the foolish woman about?
  • That was a foolish move.
  • It was foolish of us not to speak to each other.
  • Her relatives thought this a foolish thing for her to do.
  • I do thank you for being so kind to the foolish child.
  • All means of hiding this pole are foolish and useless.
  • What Keith did was, perhaps, a very foolish thing.
  • What, leaving your Mother, you foolish young pig?
  • A fond and foolish father! DEM.
  • I'm but a foolish timid thing!
  • How foolish by discretion's side shows foolishness!
  • You are still a young man and a very foolish one, as you have just proved.
  • Achatz alone made some foolish remark about it, which I sternly reproved.
  • Amid such rotten, mouldering life, Must foolish whims for aye be rife.
  • Because you're foolish with the heat, don't say I am, does it?
  • And the funny part of it is that I don't feel foolish in them, either.

How To Use Foolish In A Sentence?

  • It is foolish therefore to expect revelations about the higher ideas from the somnambulist state.
  • Use has made the farmer wise, and the foolish citizen learns to take his counsel.
  • They turned him against me and he is more foolish than your Honour would believe.
  • That she had been foolish Keith knew; that she had been wicked he did not believe.
  • But no; the blue spectacles would be the more assiduous guardian, said my foolish fancy.
  • The foolish sheep, in their terror, ran along the railroad track in front of the moving train.
  • I have worked and played, been dull and gay, busy and idle, foolish and unwise.
  • Woe unto the foolish prophets, that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing!...
  • I was afraid that after the foolish way I behaved last night you might think I hated you.
  • The novels used to lead us on to a foolish interest in the fortunes of the boy and girl they described.
  • He grew ashamed of himself, realizing that a foolish and unwarrantable jealousy had led him into a species of disloyalty.
  • In the big living room of the adobe ranch house much time had been wasted in cross-questions and foolish answers.
  • However long he lived here, life would always be the same, so was it not foolish and wearisome to stay on here for ever?
  • I had a sort of foolish idea that I'd like to have a word or two with you first.
  • She succeeded in persuading the foolish old lord, her husband, that his son was now manifesting the deepest affection towards her.
  • There was nothing astonishing in the disappointment; the only marvel was that I should have indulged in so foolish a fancy for so long.
  • There is a better source of philosophy, if we mistake not, than the rash, hasty, foolish judgments of barbarians.
  • It's so pleasant to pretend one is simply modest, it looks so foolish at times to take one's self too seriously.
  • Her morals could do us small harm, and for a while I was foolish enough to hope ours might do her some good.
  • For one thing, the dear ladies were older, and fidgety, foolish little weaknesses of this kind sometimes increase with years.
  • Perhaps, too, she was a little foolish over her last-born, for she certainly did indulge me in a quiet way, and with a great show of strictness.
  • Presently two foolish little rabbits, sniffing the food, ran straight into the bag, when the clever cat drew the strings and caught them.
  • We have seen no such monstrous spectacle as a host of young men hooting and yelling at one poor, weak, foolish little woman in black pantalettes.

Definition of Foolish

(of a person, an action, etc.) Lacking good sense or judgement; unwise. | Resembling or characteristic of a fool.
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