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  • It was rectangular, about the size of a football field.
  • For years past the house had led on the cricket and football field and off it.
  • It was rather fun--like the football field at school.
  • "And after my success on the football field, too!

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  • The football field was seldom used but there was always someone playing softball.
  • He approached me one day while we were out on the football field, practicing formations.
  • It is amazing that it only took us two days and there was room enough for a football field and two softball diamonds.
  • Only sufficient space for a football field and diamond was to be used, and the rest of the land was to remain as at present.
  • Materials for the various sports have been provided by the camp, including the laying out of a football field and a small golf course.
  • This threshing naturally requires a good deal of space, and it protected the lower part of our football field.
  • We had quite a good rifle range, and quite a fair football field, and life was really very pleasant.
  • Standing as he had stood often before on the football field at home, when, as right tackle, he had saved many a goal, he waited breathlessly.
  • Desmond, who always walked up from the football field with Scaife, conferred upon John the honour of his company.
  • Desmond, who always walked up from the football field with Scaife, conferred upon John the honour of his company.
  • The leaders were beyond recall, but two remained, tackled low by Wyatt and Clowes after the fashion of the football-field.
  • Until this moment he had deplored the possession of a spirit so easily fired that it had been a test of his manhood to keep from "slugging" on the football field; now he was glad of it.
  • The days passed; the college used to drop out between recitations to watch them drilling on the football field; the uniforms arrived, and then the orders.
  • Secretly the captain was tremendously pleased over the showing his pupils had made on the football field, for this happened to be a year when college athletics were in the ascendancy in all of the States.
  • Collingwood had a temper, and sometimes--even when he was not on the football field--it flared up.
  • I'd never seen a room so large, approximately the size of a football field, on the first floor of the hotel.
  • The football under Bertrand's arm, the three boys walked on to the large vacant lot back of the grammar-high-school building, which was used by the teams as a football field.
  • Such fights afforded excellent practice against a real attack, and not a little amusement and enjoyment to the natives, who entered into the spirit of them enthusiastically, and took the hard knocks and bruises with as much cheerfulness as schoolboys on a football field.
  • There were only six contestants, and there were not many spectators; most of the boys preferred to stay on the football field, where there was more action; the second Pythians and second Corinthians were playing a match.
  • A lance-corporal of the Battalion of great girth and tank-like prowess in the football field was always ready to bear bitter testimony to their man-eating proclivities, and no doubt still regards it as a distinct intervention of Providence that he lost no more than the seat of his shorts.
  • A well-built iron-framed stand, erected in sections, and mounted on small wide-tread wheels could be moved about as occasion required, and at present was standing in the middle of the south side of the football field.
  • The reception was nearing its end, for Catia was now dressed for going away, and topped with a hat which combined the more essential characteristics of the helmet of the British grenadier and a mascot upon a Princeton football field.
  • But this ray of hope was immediately dimmed by the curious action of MacManus, who, forgetting that he was not on the football field, and receiving the ball unexpectedly, made a brilliant run down the field with it, carrying it firmly against his body.
  • With a wild thought that it might not yet be too late, he flung on his coat and rushed from the building--only to see Irving and Lawrence walking together across the football field.
  • In different parts of it half a dozen football elevens were engaged in practice; on the tennis courts near the athletic house boys in white trousers and sweaters were playing; on the track encircling the football field other boys more lightly clad were sprinting or jogging round in practice for long-distance runs; a few sauntered about as spectators, with hands in their overcoat pockets.
  • The audience at the Union was gathered in the wonderfully beautiful auditorium of Memorial Hall, and contained not less than twelve hundred particularly live wires, undergraduates mostly, almost fresh from the football field, or at least still under the influence of its system of expressing approval.
  • Even among my own schoolmasters I can recollect a few whose classes interested me, and whom I should certainly have pestered for information and instruction if I could have got into any decent human relationship with them, and if they had not been compelled by their position to defend themselves as carefully against such advances as against furtive attempts to hurt them accidentally in the football field or smash their hats with a clod from behind a wall.
  • In a very few moments Lennox had recognised the fact that he was overmatched; but this only roused the stubborn bull-dog nature of the young Englishman, and setting his teeth hard, he brought to bear every feint and manoeuvre he had learnt at his old Devon school, where wrestling was popular, and in the struggles of the football field.
  • When he started from the hotel early in the afternoon for the football field the crowd in Royal Avenue was densely packed and actively demonstrating its unfavourable opinion of the distinguished visitor; on whom, however, none desired or attempted to inflict any physical injury, although the involuntary swaying of so great a mass of men was in danger for a moment of overturning the motor-car in which he and his wife were seated.
  • We had been together close friends and keen rivals on the football field ever since we had been made into an infantry battalion, and though we all knew that the Brigade was sure to be reduced from four to the normal French establishment of three battalions, we had somehow never contemplated parting from our special friends, the only other Scotch battalion in the Division.
  • Did Sir Hamar Greenwood, the Chief Secretary, as he stood in attendance on the Sovereign in the resplendent uniform of a Privy Councillor, look in curiosity round the walls which he and Mr. Churchill had been prohibited from entering on a memorable occasion when they had to content themselves with an imported tent in a football field instead?
  • Princeton was going to be proud of him, on the campus, on the football field, and afterward out in the world."
  • And Jan gave me an opening with as fine a kick as I've seen off a football field."
  • On the following day the Divisional Commander addressed the Brigade, which was drawn up on the football field, and reminded the men of the sterner duties that now lay before them, and expressed the hope that they would maintain the honourable traditions associated with the name of the 97th Infantry Brigade--which, indeed, they more than maintained.
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